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Elevate Your Audio Experience with Premium Car Subwoofers from Audio Intensity

Why are Car Subwoofers Important?

If you've ever felt that your in-car audio experience lacks that extra oomph, then you know exactly why subwoofers are essential. A perfect car ride is never complete without a rich, balanced sound system. At Audio Intensity, we get that. We're not just selling subwoofers; we're offering an immersive sound experience you can feel in your bones. Our curated line-up of premium car and boat subwoofers is designed to fill that bass void in your life. Feel the rhythm rhyme, and get on up; it's subwoofer time!

Round Out Your Sound

Suppose you’re an audiophile who demands the best from every note. In that case, you understand that a full audio experience includes the deep, resonant tones only a high-quality subwoofer can provide. Our subs bring out those rich lows to balance your audio and make your music come alive.

Feel the Bass

The goal for the bassheads among us is simple: make the car shake. With subwoofers from Audio Intensity, we assure you a visceral bass experience that resonates in your car and within you. You’ll feel like you're at a live concert whenever you hit the road.


Versatile Compatibility

The source of your audio doesn't limit our subwoofers. Whether you're jamming to local radio stations, navigating through your meticulously curated iPhone playlist, or keeping the kids entertained with their favorite movies, our subwoofers consistently deliver top-tier performance.

Broad Range of Sizes

Size does matter, at least when it comes to subwoofers. Our portfolio includes everything from compact 8-inch units for a subtle bass addition to mammoth 15-inch behemoths designed to shake your world.

Optimal Frequency Response

Our subwoofers are engineered to produce crisp, clear bass with a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz. Some of our specialized 8-inch models can even climb into the mid-bass range for those who demand more versatility.

Premium Brands

We stock a wide array of top-of-the-line brands. With competitive pricing options, your quest for quality bass ends here.

Installation & Upgrade

Whether you're building your dream sound system from scratch or looking to add a more robust bass component to your existing setup, Audio Intensity has got your back. Our subwoofers can integrate seamlessly with high-quality speakers and head units you own, enhancing your car’s sound system to deliver the ultimate auditory experience.


The time to upgrade is now. Bring that missing depth and intensity to your music, movies, and more with a subwoofer from Audio Intensity. Make your selection today and revolutionize your in-car audio experience forever.



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