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Introducing the Audiomobile Encore Series: Unleash the Power of Sound

Discover the Next Evolution in Car Audio Subwoofers - The Audiomobile Encore Series. After over three years of meticulous development, we proudly present an "Industry First" product that redefines car audio performance. The Encore Series is the pioneering 1,000-watt, low-profile series of car audio subwoofers, setting new standards for power, innovation, and design.

Unprecedented Power and Innovation

The Encore Series is the culmination of groundbreaking technology, harnessing the expertise gained from the original Elite series and incorporating various revolutionary advancements inspired by high-power 'Prosound' subwoofers. This series showcases Audiomobile's dedication to pushing the boundaries of possible in-car audio.

A Technological Marvel

Central to the Encore Series is an entirely new platform that embodies an array of cutting-edge technical enhancements, fine-tuned over years of research. Drawing from proven 'Prosound' technologies, this series is engineered to deliver unrivaled performance and quality.

Unmatched Cooling and Performance

At its core, the Encore Series boasts a 1,000-watt subwoofer design that pushes the boundaries of performance‚ÄĒthe secret lies in its exceptional cooling mechanisms. Dual voice coils, a TIL high-power former, and upper and lower alloy "Shorting Rings" (FSD) manage extreme thermal loads. At the same time, the radial "ICAR" Intercooling plate ensures unparalleled conduction cooling and remarkably low inductance, regardless of the voice coil position.

A Leap Forward in Convection Cooling

The Encore Series introduces a groundbreaking cooling innovation - the "SuperCool" (Stasis Uni-Polar Endo-Radial) technology. This vertical cooling design revolutionizes convection-cooling by enabling direct, high-velocity air flow over the coil windings. Unlike traditional axial-pole vent designs, the "SuperCool" technology provides genuine voice coil cooling, unlocking an unprecedented performance envelope in a low-profile driver.

Precision Craftsmanship for Supreme Output

Building on the Audiomobile Elite Series, our dedication to excellence shines through every detail of the Encore Series. With features like the proprietary "ICAR" Aluminum Intercooler and Aluminum "FSD" (Flux Stabilization Device), inductance is lowered, intermodulation distortion is reduced, and power compression is virtually eliminated. The result? Unmatched output and power-handling capabilities.

Innovations that Resonate

The Encore Series boasts a plethora of groundbreaking features:

  • Unique 'T-shaped' extended magnetic gap with extended Aluminum 'Shorting Ring' crown.
  • Patent-pending 'ICAR' Aluminum Intercooler for reduced power-compression and distortion.
  • "SuperCool" motor venting for direct voice coil forced-air cooling.
  • Premium Composite Laminated, Curvilinear profile sandwich cone with Carbon Fiber dust cap.
  • Unique CNC machined, "Diamond-cut" low-carbon steel motor with polished clear Zinc plating.

Optimal Performance in Every Enclosure

Designed to shine in sealed and vented enclosures, ranging from .80 cubic feet to 1.25 cubic feet, the Encore Series delivers up to 4,000 watts (4 Kw) music power peaks thanks to its versatile design and advanced technologies.

Powerful Performance, Compact Design

All this power is elegantly packaged in a compact form with a mere 4.9" and 5.9" mounting depth, making the Encore Series the most extended excursion, "low-profile" subwoofer available. Starting at just $650 MSRP, this exceptional series brings the future of car audio within reach.

Elevate Your Audio Experience

Unleash the potential of your car audio system with the Audiomobile Encore Series. From its revolutionary cooling technology to its unparalleled power and performance, this series represents the pinnacle of car audio innovation. Embrace the future of sound and elevate your driving experience with the Encore Series today.

Audiomobile Encore Series


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