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Introducing the Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series—the pinnacle of audio performance for SPL Car enthusiasts who demand both volume and fidelity. Born from real-world needs and extensive market research, the Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series is a game-changing innovation in the high-performance audio space.

The Genesis: At an exclusive show featuring SPL Cars, the Xcelsus team spoke to owners and discovered a recurring pain point—existing audio solutions were failing to deliver when cranked up to high volumes. The sound quality in most systems was described as "sub-par" and "aggressive," forcing owners to choose between sound quality and volume. This revelation triggered the conception of the Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series, engineered to redefine what is possible in high-decibel, high-quality audio.


  • Unparalleled Sound Quality: Experience audio as it was meant to be heard, with clarity, range, and depth that stands out even at extreme volumes.
  • Designed for SPL Cars: Created with the unique acoustics of SPL Cars in mind, providing a tailor-fit sound experience.
  • High Volume Performance: Break through previous limitations with technology specifically crafted to maintain pristine sound quality at high decibels.

Why Choose Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series? The answer is simple: This is the audio solution that SPL Car owners have been waiting for. Gone are the days of compromising between decibel levels and sound quality. If you are among those who seek extraordinary performance that can play extremely well at high volumes, your search ends here.

So, be among the first to elevate your SPL Car audio experience to a whole new level. Choose the Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series and never settle for less.

Your satisfaction is not just our goal—it's our guarantee. Upgrade to the Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series and be a part of the audio revolution that was crafted with you in mind.

Xcelsus Ultra SQL Series


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