Introducing the Eton Micro Series of Amplifiers

A revolution in compact sound engineering. This exceptional series sets new benchmarks in terms of size, functionality, and raw power. Far more than just miniature boxes of sound, these amplifiers blend innovative technology with seamless efficiency, making them the go-to choice for those who demand top-tier performance without sacrificing space.

The series features a line of versatile amplifiers tailored for various audio needs. To begin, the Eton Micro 120.2 is a two-channel marvel boasting power specifications of 2 x 85 W at 4 ohms and 2 x 120 W at 2 ohms. Despite these impressive figures, the unit itself is remarkably compact, with dimensions of 110 x 80 x 42 mm. It’s ideal for listeners who want potent sound amplification without dedicating extensive room to their setup.

Additionally, the Eton Micro Series unveils the MICRO 250.4, a 4-channel amplifier with asymmetrical power distribution. This feature allows for the customization of power output across multiple channels, thereby ensuring a more nuanced and rich auditory experience.

One of the most striking features of this series is its cutting-edge cooling system. Traditional amplifiers often suffer from overheating issues that can affect performance. However, Eton Micro Series amplifiers come fitted with ingenious cooling fins that optimize temperature regulation, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

The series also pioneers the use of modern connection plugs, enhancing the user's experience with faster, more secure connections. The advanced interface paves the way for straightforward installation and quick setup, letting you focus on what matters most: impeccable sound quality.

In the realm of compact amplifiers, one must often choose between size and power. The Eton Micro Series eliminates this dilemma by delivering both in a single, stylish package. These amplifiers are not only small enough to fit in restricted spaces but are also sufficiently robust to power a comprehensive sound system. They are the epitome of contemporary design meeting uncompromising functionality.

The Eton Micro Series represents the future of compact sound amplification. Whether you are an audiophile with a refined palate for sound or a casual listener seeking to upgrade your audio experience, this series offers a premium range of options without overwhelming your living space.

Choose the Eton Micro Series for a superior audio journey—because when it comes to sound, size doesn't have to matter. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of notes and rhythms that only Eton can deliver. No compromise, just pure, powerful sound—in a size that fits your life.

Eton Micro Series


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