Hybrid Audio 6x9 Speaker Collection

Below is a comparison of the Hybrid Audio 6x9 lineup
Hybrid Audio I69-2v2 6x9” Coaxial & Convertible Component Set

The Hybrid Audio I69-2v2 system consist of a 6x9" 2 way coaxial/convertible component set including grilles designed for the discerning consumer interested in more than just an ‘OEM replacement speaker.’

The Imagine line-up has quickly become Hybrid Audio’s best-selling speaker, and a favorite amongst dealers and consumers because of its price to performance ratio. Imagine easily outperforms sets costing twice to three times the price. In fact, Imagine was named “one of the top-11 best bargain speakers available” by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine in 2011.

Each Hybrid Audio I69-2v2 kits include a pair of cast ABS frame midbass coaxials with water-proof paper cones proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, high-energy ferrite magnets, 25mm soft-dome tweeters, component set conversion items (midbass phase plugs, tweeter cups and hardware, connection wire, and an extra set of magnet decals), integrated high-quality Mylar tweeter crossover capacitors.


$ 549.99 $ 439.99
Hybrid Audio Unity U69-2v2 6x9" Component Set

The Hybrid Audio U69-2v2  combines the U69v2, U1 Tweeter and U2x Crossover for an unparalleled 6X9 Component Set.



Unity U69 Midbass Frame Cast ABS plastic. The basket is a high-quality cast ABS design, which plays a critical role in aligning the voice coil in the magnetic circuit. Additionally, the cast ABS frame allows for better clamping strength versus typically stamped steel frames and ensures that the voice coil remains centered in the former. The midrange frame (Unity U3) is a proprietarily tooled design owned by Hybrid Audio Technologies, has no OEM industry equivalent, and shares common mounting hole diameter and similar mounting depths to the Legatia and Legatia SE three-inch midranges for potential/future upgrade potential. The midbass frame (Unity U5, Unity U6, and Unity U69) is a shared technology with the Imagine series coaxial and convertible component sets and allow for immediate upgrade potential due to identical size footprint, mounting depth, bolt circle diameter, and motor diameter as the Imagine convertible coaxial systems. Cone and Dust Cap Pressed paper with waterproof treatment. It is widely acknowledged that pressed paper cones are the best marriage of lightness, stiffness, and the ability of the cone to damp unwanted cone and edge modes and resonances (read: distortion). The paper cone, known for its excellent sonic attributes, is waterproof, thanks to a polymer developed exclusive and proprietarily by Hybrid Audio Technologies. The treatment does not change the look and parameters of the driver like old-fashioned “glossy” polymers which added an appreciable amount of moving mass and significantly colored the sound. No, the Unity cones look like any “normal” paper cone, but in reality are likely the only high-performance waterproof paper cone car audio speaker systems on the market. The treatment protects the cone from periodic drips (such as inside a door panel), as well as accidental splashes to the front of the cone. Likewise, the paper dust cap is also treated for water resistance. The cone is a shared technology with the Imagine series coaxial and convertible component sets. On the hybrid-audio.com website, we have hosted a video of an actual water-proof demonstration of the Imagine I61-2, which uses the same cone as the Unity series, where we pour two liters of water over the driver, and then connect it to a musical source. That video may be viewed at http://hybrid-audio. com/imagine/ Surround Inverted high-loss rubber surround. The inverted high-loss rubber surround (in concert with the spider, detailed below), helps to provide the compliance and “restorative force” needed for the Unity drivers to play effectively into the lower midbass, and even upper sub-bass frequencies (depending on in-car cabin gain and other factors). You’ll also know a Hybrid Audio midrange and midbass design by its inverted surround; this design feature allows for the use of a smaller height grille, better clearance with OEM panels, and more flexibility in mounting options. The surround is a shared technology with the Imagine series coaxial and convertible component sets. Spider Phenolic fabric and tinned tinsel leads. The spider is the brownish/yellow corrugated (rippled) fabric that attaches the cone and voice coil. The spider for the Unity designs was the subject of a considerable amount of our research and development. The spider is a phenolic symmetrically-rolled fabric which provides excellent restorative force during the excursion. The spider is vented courteous of the speaker frame; a design element not typically found in this price range of speaker system. The spider venting increases the thermal power handling of the Unity midbass driver. The tinsel leads are connected to real epoxy PCB, not flimsy cardboard. The spider, tinsel leads, and terminals are shared technologies with the Imagine series coaxial and convertible component sets. Voice Coil and Motor System The voice coil used in the Unity midbass is a 2-layer aluminized copper wire coils on a round former. An “overhung” voice coil was selected to improve sensitivity while still keeping distortion to a minimum. The voice coil and motor system are shared technologies with the Imagine series coaxial and convertible component sets.


Tweeter Attributes:

Unity U1 Dome Small diameter impregnated silk textile dome with high-loss rubber suspension. The U1 is a shared technology with the high-end Clarus C1 tweeter, boasting has an impregnated fine cloth silk dome diaphragm for a linear, smooth sound, with a high-loss rubber suspension to damp edge modes and resonances. The dome is of extremely low mass and is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation than other designs, and yet yields a smooth response over the extent of its range. At Hybrid Audio Technologies, we feel larger diaphragm tweeters sound heavy and unremarkable, lack detail in the upper treble frequencies, have an undesirable polar response, and are difficult to install. Additionally, we find metal dome tweeters to be harsh, brittle and sound unrealistic. As a small diameter, soft-dome tweeter, the U1 is the antithesis of a large diaphragm and metal-dome tweeters, for the effective and convincing reproduction of treble frequencies. Voice Coil and Motor System 20mm complimentary design. The motor assembly is “conventional dynamic”, with a compact neodymium magnet structure to ensure a small footprint size and shallow depth. A perforated grille protects the dome. The voice coil is ferrofluid cooled and damped, and the tweeter housing consists of extruded plastic with three different mounting options in component set mode, giving the end-user flexibility in not only placement of the U1 but also in physical installation. Crossover Attributes Unity U2x Alignment Second order L/R (12 dB/octave) filters for a low pass (U5, U6, or U69) and high pass (U1). The U51-2 2-way passive crossover network includes a unity low pass and high pass crossover frequency of 5,700 Hz at 12 dB/ octave. The U61-2 and U69-2 2-way passive crossover network include a unity low pass and high pass crossover frequency of 5,200 Hz at 12 dB/octave. The use of 12 dB/octave filters on both low pass and high pass, often not found in speakers in this price range, minimizes phase-related distortion typical of crossovers with mismatched orders, and ensures phase-coherent imaging and staging. The alignment topology is a shared technology to the high-end Clarus C2x crossover design and features asymmetrically-aligned network components. Network Components Audiophile grade. The passive crossover networks incorporate a super high quality and low tolerance metalized polypropylene film capacitor for highpass, and a low-tolerance quality metalized electrolytic capacitor for low pass, in concert with air-core inductors, and low tolerance non-inductive resistors. No output level switches were used in the passive crossover design because switches add a resistive effect and are typical of extremely low quality. Additionally, “jumper pins” add an unnecessary pair of splices in the signal path to the tweeter, and were not included in our design either. Rather, all tweeter level adjustments are done on the board level with dedicated non-inductive resistors; tweeter attenuation is accomplished by selecting the appropriate output (-3 dB, 0 dB, or +3 dB) on the passive crossover circuit board. The components selected are complementary and ensure no notable signal degradation between the input and output side of the crossovers. The network componentry, design, circuitry, and polyethylene case with transparent cover are shared technologies to the Clarus series and the Clarus C2x crossover design.

$ 499.99
Hybrid Audio Unity U69v2 6x9" Midbass drivers

It's finally here: the Unity U69v2 (6x9-inch Drivers) from Hybrid Audio Technologies are now available here on Audio Intensity. The U69, like all Unity component sets, features a meld of both Imagine and Clarity levels to produce high-end speakers a more budget-friendly price point.

Hybrid Audio has been testing pre-production U69s in several vehicles nationwide with incredible results. Finally, there is an audiophile upgrade to maximize the performance of the factory speaker 6x9 locations now available in the front doors of select newer vehicles. The increased cone area of a 6x9 vs a traditional 6" allows for a much more solid up front bass with increased power handling and dynamics. They work great in late-model Dodge/Chrysler, Toyotas, Cadillacs, etc. Since the are midrange/midbass drivers, they can be used beautifully as a 2-way with either the Legatia L3V2 or L3SE for those vehicles that also include dash locations. They can also be combined with a Clarus C1 Tweeter and U2x Crossover as a traditional 2-way set.

$ 429.99 $ 339.99
Hybrid Audio Unity U69v2-S 6x9" Shallow Midbass drivers
The Unity U69v2-S is a shallow-mount 2-Ohm option to the Unity U69V2 6x9-inch driver, and with a mounting depth of just 75mm is the shallowest high-performance 6x9-inch woofer of its kind.

Quick Specs

  • 2Ω Impedance
  • 120 Watts Power Handling (Continuous w/ Crossover)
  • 90.3 dB Sensitivity (2.83V/1M)
  • 45 - 3.8k Hz Frequency Response
  • 75mm Mounting Depth
$ 449.99 $ 399.99
Mirus 6x9” Grille Set with Round Perforations - 2pc Pair

Application to all 6x9" midbass (Unity, Imagine, Mirus)

$ 37.49 $ 29.99
Mirus M69-2 6x9” Coaxial Set (Grilles Optional)

The Stage 1 Mirus line-up is comprised of dedicated coaxial kits for the cost-effective, OEM replacement market.

"We managed to get Hybrid Audio-level performance at this price point; the Mirus name is Latin for 'astonishing'; Hybrid Audio is sure that you will be astonished at how good an entry-level coaxial can truly sound (and look)."

Kits include a pair of coated steel frame two-way coaxials with water-proof paper cones proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, high-energy ferrite magnets, 20mm soft-dome tweeters that swivel, integrated high-quality Mylar tweeter crossover capacitors, encased in a full-color gift box. Grilles are optional, sold separately, and have use in universal applications through Stage IV Clarus series.


$ 269.99 $ 229.99

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