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Since its inception in 1993, Eton GmbH has emerged as a leading authority in high-fidelity loudspeaker manufacturing, hailing from Germany's rich landscape of engineering marvels. As we mark our 35th anniversary, we continue to make impactful forays into the North American sector. We've garnered acclaim for our unwavering commitment to superlative audio quality and cutting-edge engineering. We are a trusted OEM speaker supplier to automotive titans and premium brands across Europe and the United States. Our groundbreaking Diamond Hex series has become a seminal work in component speakers.

Discover the latest innovation in our distinguished portfolio: the Eton Upgrade Series. Boasting advanced UG systems, this series transforms your automotive audio experience. Engineered specifically for BMW, Mini, and VW vehicles from 2004 onward, the UG lineup consists of five expertly curated models. These models offer seamless integration into your vehicle, covering everything from a 4-inch 2-way component system with a 25 mm silk dome tweeter to dedicated front and rear coaxial systems and center-channel coaxials. Our 195mm (8-inch) Neo motor woofers are the perfect replacements for factory "FrontBass" foot-well woofer enclosures, providing a sound experience that transcends the ordinary.

Superior Design and Engineering

As a testament to Eton's dedication to impeccable quality, each model in the UG series employs compact yet powerful neo-motors. These specialized motors ensure a wide compatibility range, including the most popular C, E, G, and S-Class automotive platforms. Produced in our advanced manufacturing facility in Neu Ulm, Germany, every speaker undergoes stringent testing to meet and exceed our rigorous quality benchmarks.

The Eton Upgrade Series is a symphony of German engineering excellence and contemporary technological advancements. It not only redefines but sets new global standards for automotive audio systems. With a legacy spanning over three decades in leading the industry, Eton persistently pushes the sonic envelope to offer you unparalleled auditory bliss.

Elevate your vehicle's audio capabilities today and usher in a new era of sound quality that reimagines the possible.

Eton Upgrade Series


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