Goldhorn Ultra

The New Benchmark in Sound Processing
P5 DSP Ultra

Goldhorn P5 DSP Ultra | 16 Channel DSP | Hi-Res Player

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The Goldhorn P5 DSP Ultra | 16 Channel DSP with Hi-Res Player epitomizes acoustic excellence. Designed to capture the essence of audio refinement, this flagship offering from Goldhorn is a powerful masterpiece. Equipped with a pair of...
$ 7,999.99
DSP16 Ultra

Goldhorn DSP16 Ultra | 16 Channel DSP

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Experience the Goldhorn DSP 16 Ultra Dive into the world of unparalleled audio with the Goldhorn DSP 16 Ultra, the pinnacle of standalone DSP technology designed to deliver the pure essence of music aesthetics. This flagship device...
$ 5,999.99

Discover the Excellence of Goldhorn Ultra

Embark on an unparalleled auditory journey with the Goldhorn Ultra, the pinnacle of Goldhorn's flagship DSP lineup. Designed for the discerning audiophile, the Goldhorn Ultra series offers two models, tailored to your listening preferences, with and without a Built-In Hi-Res Player. Unmatched Audio Fidelity The Goldhorn Ultra series sets a new benchmark in sound processing with its advanced features:

  • • Dual ES9038Pro DAC Chips: Experience the pinnacle of audio clarity with 32-bit / 768 kHz PCM support.
  • Powerful Triple-Core DSP Processor: The heart of Goldhorn Ultra, a 295MHz ADI chip, ensures seamless audio processing.
  • • Precision Timing: Three high-precision femtosecond clock systems paired with an ultra-precise 0.005ms delay enhance the synchronicity and fidelity of your music.

Key Features for Audiophiles

Goldhorn Ultra is engineered for those who demand nothing but the best: 
Versatile Connectivity: Includes 16 high-level inputs and 16 RCA outputs for comprehensive setup options. 
Advanced Equalization: 30-band EQ per channel allows for meticulous sound customization. 
Digital Inputs: Optical and coaxial inputs cater to a wide range of digital audio sources. 
Bluetooth 5.0: Supports aptX HD for high-quality wireless audio streaming. 
Ultra High-End Components: Every component is chosen for its superior quality and performance.
ModelsP5 DSP UltraDSP16 Ultra
DSP ChipADAU1463 x 3PCSADAU1463 x 3PCS
DAC Chip2 x ESS9083Pro w/ 7 DAC Filter Settings2 x ESS9083Pro w/ 7 DAC Filter Settings
ADC Chip2 x AK5558VN
CapacitorsHigh Temperature for High Reliability to 105°C electrolytics and WIMA film CapsHigh Temperature for High Reliability to 105°C electrolytics and WIMA film Caps
Music FormatsHiRes: DFF / DSF / DSD Up to 256 Hi Res Uncompressed: WAV / FLAC / APE / AIFF / AIF Compressed: MP3 / AAC / OGG / WMANA
Music InputsUSB Host x 3 1 x USB-DAC (to 192/32bit) Opt. and Coax (to 192/24bit BT 5.0 aptX HD/AAC/SBC1 x USB-DAC (to 192/32bit) Opt. and Coax (to 192/24bit) BT 5.0 aptX HD/AAC/SBC
Control InputsBT Wireless Remote Wi-Fi Mobile App Wired IPS Panel Controller includedStandard Controller
Processor Functions
PC ConnectionUSB B
Processing Functions (See delay below)Crossover Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20kHz @ 1dB steps, Master Gain: 0 ~ 60dB, Channel gains: -20dB ~ +5dB Polarity: Phase Reversal 0 or 180, EQ filters Q 0.5 ~ 15 @ 0.1 steps, Input Mixer, Three Linking Functions: Volume Linking- Absolute or Relative, EQ Linking - Relative or Absolute, Crossover Linking - With EQ link on, Freq Link button will link crossovers
Delay0 ~ 20ms / 0.005ms Steps
Output EQEQ bands: All Channels 31 @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps, Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass
CrossoverButterworth & Bessel: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48dB / Linkwitz: 12, 24, 36dB
XO Phase RotationVariable Phase shift at HP and LP filters from 0° ~ 359°
Inputs16 x Hi / 2 x RCA/Opt./Coax/USB-DAC
Input EQEQ bands: All Channels 5 bands @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass Input Delay: 0 ~ 10ms in 0.02 Steps
General / Amplifier
Frequency Resp:10Hz ~ 80kHz
Operating Voltage11v-16v
Input Sens (V) RCA
Input Sens (V) Hi
RCA Out Voltage16 x 6V
RCA Out SpecsTHD+Noise 0.00018 S/N >125
Amp Outputs | THD+Noise <0.03 S/N >100dBNA
Dimensions (mm)303 x 231 x 50304 x 231 x 50
Start-Stop readyYes
EPS (Intelligent High-Level Input-Error Protection System)Yes
FinishBalck Anodized Aluminum
Auto Turn On via DC Offset or Signal SensingYes
Remote Turn on OutputYes
Clipping LED’sNo
Built in BluetoothaptX HD
Built In WifiYes
THD+Noise RCA0.00018%
S/N ratio RCA>125dB
THD+Noise AmplifierNA
S/N ratio AmplifierNA
Fuse Rating10A
Input impedance: No Impedance adaptor needed6 Ohm High Level
ControllerWireless BT/Optional Wired IPS Display/ Mobile appStandard Controller
Input MixerYes
Software InterfacePC 32bit W7 and up
All Pass filters at input and output EQsBoth 1st Order and 2nd Order
Navigation Mode w/ Input PriorityYes
Automatic Mode Switching MixerYes
Password AvailableYes
Analog Noise GateYes
Variable Power Off DelayYes
Seven DAC rolloff choices for ESS 9038Yes

What's Inside???



Circuit Design


Included Panel Controller

This controller not only allows for precise volume adjustments but also facilitates easy switching between audio sources and songs, tailored to the user's preferences. The ability to toggle through 8 different presets adds another layer of customization, enabling users to optimize their listening experience. Despite its range of features, the remote maintains a compact and ergonomic design, measuring 50mm x 115mm x 15mm, and includes specialized subwoofer volume control for those seeking to fine-tune their audio environment further.

Exclusive Control Chip

Detai;s Coming Soon...

Circuit Design

Details Coming Soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Goldhorn Hi-Res Player different from standard music players?

Answer: Goldhorn Hi-Res Players are explicitly designed for high-resolution audio playback, with higher sampling rates and bit depths than standard players, delivering unparalleled sound quality.

How do I access my high-resolution music library with the player?

Answer: You can load your music library onto the player via USB or access it wirelessly through your mobile device, ensuring your entire high-resolution collection is at your fingertips.

Can I stream music on the Goldhorn Hi-Res Player?

Answer: Yes, our players are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream high-resolution audio from compatible streaming services.
What defines Hi-Res Audio and how does it compare to standard audio formats like MP3 or CDs?

Answer: Hi-Res Audio is defined by its higher sampling rates and greater bit depth compared to standard audio formats. While CDs are limited to a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16-bit depth, Hi-Res Audio files typically start at 96kHz/24-bit, extending up to 192kHz/24-bit or more. This results in a richer, more detailed sound that is closer to the original studio recording, unlike compressed MP3 files or CDs, which lose some audio information to fit into their respective formats.

What are some common file formats for Hi-Res Audio, and how do they maintain sound quality?
Answer: Common file formats for Hi-Res Audio include FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), WAV, and DSD (Direct Stream Digital). These formats are either lossless or uncompressed, meaning they preserve all the audio information from the original recording without the data loss associated with lossy formats like MP3. This preservation of detail ensures that the sound quality is maintained at a level that closely mirrors the original performance or studio output.
Do I need special equipment to experience the full benefits of Hi-Res Audio?
Answer: Yes, to fully experience the benefits of Hi-Res Audio, you would need equipment capable of handling the higher sampling rates and bit depths. This includes a digital audio player (DAP) or a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) that supports Hi-Res Audio formats, as well as high-quality headphones or speakers designed to reproduce the extended range of frequencies and dynamics found in Hi-Res files. Without the proper equipment, you might not discern the enhanced detail and clarity that Hi-Res Audio offers.

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