Introducing the Enhanced POW/POW+ Series by ETON

Discover the evolution of auditory excellence with our newly updated POW/POW+ Series, a successor to the critically acclaimed original POW line. Years of dedicated research and development have culminated in remarkable enhancements, notably in efficiency and tweeter performance.

The hallmark feature, a meticulously engineered 2-layer fiberglass/paper cone, continues its legacy in the POW+ iteration. Known for its acoustically damping properties, this cone maintains its mechanical rigidity to ensure faithful and precise audio output.

Our redesigned series boasts a robust ferrite magnet featuring a large core bore and gloss-turned T-yoke optimized for superior motor cooling. This potent magnet assembly effectively powers the lightweight yet torsionally rigid cone, offering unparalleled sonic accuracy.

The series also incorporates a uniquely shaped spider to minimize wobble effects, enhancing pulse fidelity. The basket structure is constructed from powder-coated metal further to augment performance, complete with strategically placed ventilation openings. These features facilitate faster heat dissipation and mitigate compression effects when operating at high volumes.

Engineered with a 25mm coil and utilizing a 3-ohm winding method, the POW/POW+ Series delivers impressive sound clarity. This results in an extraordinary efficiency rating of 94.3 dB (2.83V), ensuring superior audio quality even at low amplifier power.

Explore the Eton POW 200.2 200 mm (8 inches) 2-way component system and Eton POW16+ 2-Way 6.5" Component System woofers that exemplify the state-of-the-art craftsmanship synonymous with the POW/POW+ Series. Make the switch today and experience auditory brilliance redefined.

Eton POW/POW+ Series


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