ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series Subwoofer Enclosures

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Unmatched Performance and Precision

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    Welcome to a new echelon of sound quality—introducing the ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series Subwoofer Enclosures. Specially engineered for top performance and woofer-specific applications, this range is an evolution of our already impressive entry-level automotive subwoofer enclosures. Designed meticulously to the specs of the particular woofer in use, these enclosures promise to deliver an unparalleled sonic experience.


    Hand Built in the USA

    Craftsmanship that you can trust. Each unit is hand-built with love and precision by skilled American artisans.

    Superior Material

    Constructed with 3/4" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), our enclosures offer a combination of superior density and strength that sets the industry standard.

    Internal Bracing 🔩

    Maximizing strength while minimizing resonances, the internal bracing architecture ensures a pure and undistorted audio output.

    CAD Optimized 🖥️

    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology ensures precision and consistency in every unit, down to the micro-level.

    Exclusive V Port Design 🌬️

    Featuring our patented V Port Design integrated with clean carpet grooving, these enclosures provide optimum airflow and unmatched sound clarity.

    Interlocking Dado Cut Design 🔗

    This advanced engineering approach delivers incredibly strong joints, making the enclosure highly durable and resilient.

    Precision CNC Cut 🛠️

    Crafted using state-of-the-art ShopSabre Industrial CNCs, each cut is incredibly accurate, ensuring seamless assembly and an exquisite finish.

    High-Quality Terminal Cup 🎛️

    Ensuring secure and efficient electrical connections, our terminal cup is made from high-grade materials that stand up to repeated use.

    Rounded External Edges

    Aesthetically pleasing and safe to handle, the rounded external edges add a touch of elegance to the unit.

    Recessed Side Panels

    These side panels are strategically recessed to increase structural integrity, making these enclosures rock-solid.

    Custom Finish 🎨

    Available wrapped in a tasteful Gray trunk liner, it's an enclosure that looks as great as it sounds.

    Why Choose ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series?

    When you invest in our Performance Optimized Series, you’re not just buying a subwoofer enclosure; you're acquiring a piece of meticulous engineering designed for sonic excellence. Tailored to meet the particular specs of your woofer, it promises to deliver an audio experience like no other.

    Don't settle for less. Optimize your audio journey today with the ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series Subwoofer Enclosures.

    Elevate your sound to the next level. Order the ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series Subwoofer Enclosures now!

ProLine X - Performance Optimized Series


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