About Audio Intensity

Audio Intensity offers a unique audio buying experience. We officially formed Audio Intensity in December 2014. We're an authorized internet outlet providing you with Hybrid Audio Technology, DC Audio and more, all at the best possible value. We provide quality you can trust with warranties to protect your investments!

We're the middle man. We buy direct from the audio brands you love, ensuring you receive brand new products and the best possible warranties on your speakers.



Did you know?

When Hybrid Audio Technology products are purchased and installed by authorized dealers, you will receive a three-year limited warranty. If you purchase Hybrid Audio Technologies products from an authorized source, and they are not installed by an authorized dealer, you will receive a one-year limited warranty. If you find a Hybrid Audio Technologies product on the Internet from a source not authorized, the buyer should consider the product as used or gray market and does not include any warranty or after-purchase support from Hybrid Audio Technologies or its affiliates.

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