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DSPA 1216 Plus

Goldhorn DSPA 1216 Plus | 24 Channel DSP / 8 x 80w + 4 x 150w Amplifier

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Introducing the Goldhorn DSPA 1216 PLUS, the pinnacle of high-end amplifier processors meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of multi-channel high-end automotive audio enthusiasts who understand that their vehicle's interior can be a sanctuary of sound.This...
$ 1,599.99
DSPA 1012 Plus

Goldhorn DSPA 1012 Plus | 20 Channel DSP / 8 x 80w + 2 x 150w Amplifier

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Explore the Goldhorn DSPA 1012 PLUS Elevate your luxury automobile's audio experience with the Goldhorn DSPA 1012 PLUS, a high-end DSP amplifier engineered to transform your vehicle's sound system into a realm of sonic perfection. This device...
$ 1,299.99
DSPA 816 Pro

Goldhorn DSPA 816 Pro | 16 Channel DSP / 8 x 80w Amplifier

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Embark on an extraordinary auditory journey with the Goldhorn DSP A816 Pro, a technological marvel that flawlessly merges a 31-band EQ professional DSP with a potent Class D amplifier, redefining the very essence of high-end automotive audio.This...
$ 999.99
DSPA 810

Goldhorn DSPA 810 Pro | 10 Channel DSP / 8 x 65w Amplifier

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Embark on an auditory odyssey like never before with the Goldhorn DSPA 810 PRO, a masterful fusion of technology and artistry that redefines the boundaries of in-car audio. This remarkable device seamlessly integrates a 31-band EQ professional...
$ 699.99
DSPA 406

Goldhorn DSPA 406 | 6 Channel DSP / 4 x 65w Amplifier

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Elevate your vehicle's audio experience with the Goldhorn DSPA 406, an advanced digital signal processor capturing the attention of car audio enthusiasts everywhere. Boasting a versatile setup with four high-level channel inputs and six-channel RCA outputs, this...
$ 399.99
DSPA 206

Goldhorn DSPA 206 | 6 Channel DSP / 4 x 50w Amplifier

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Immerse yourself in a world of acoustic excellence with the state-of-the-art 4x50W/4Ω maximum power class AB amplifier that's ingeniously built into the system. This powerhouse is expertly engineered to deliver a transformative audio experience, providing crisp, resonant...
$ 329.99 $ 350.00

Goldhorn DSP collection.

Introducing the pinnacle of automotive sound engineering: the Goldhorn DSP collection. This lineup represents the zenith of audio precision and customization, specifically crafted for audiophiles seeking to transform their vehicle's sound system into an unparalleled sonic sanctuary. Goldhorn DSP technology redefines the standards of in-car audio, delivering an experience that is as refined as it is revolutionary.

Unmatched Audio Precision

  • State-of-the-Art DSP Technology: At the heart of the Goldhorn DSP collection lies our advanced digital signal processing technology, designed to meticulously sculpt and enhance every aspect of your audio environment, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction and dynamic audio control.
  • Custom Sound Tailoring: Goldhorn DSP allows for an unprecedented level of audio customization, enabling you to fine-tune every frequency, adjust volume levels across different channels, and optimize the sound stage for a truly personalized listening experience.

Seamless Integration and Superior Functionality

  • Wide Compatibility: Our DSP units are engineered to seamlessly integrate with a variety of car audio systems, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with your existing setup.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through your audio settings with ease, thanks to our intuitive user interface designed for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.
  • Robust Connectivity Options: Featuring a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB, the Goldhorn DSP units offer flexible connections to various audio sources and peripherals.

Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States

To make your audio upgrade journey even more enjoyable, we are pleased to offer free shipping on all Goldhorn DSP orders within the lower 48 states. Upgrade your sound system with confidence and without the extra shipping fees.

ModelsDSPA 206DSPA406DSPA810DSPA 816DSPA1012DSPA1216
DSP ChipADAU1701ADAU1450ADAU1450ADAU1452ADAU1463
DAC ChipADAU1701 & PCM1754PCM1690PCM1690+PCM1754PCM1690PCM16912 x AK4458VN
ADC ChipADAU1701 & PCM18082 x PCM18622 x PCM18402 x PCM18403x PCM18404 x PCM1840
OpampMC33078NJM4580 & MC33078MC33078NJM4580 & MC33078MC33078MC33078
CapacitorsHigh Temperature for High Reliability to 105°C electrolytics and WIMA film Caps
Processor Functions
PC ConnectionUSB - B
Processing FunctionsCrossover Ferquency: 20Hz ~ 20kHz @ 1dB steps / Master Gain: 0 ~ 60dB / Channel gains: -20dB ~ +5dB Polarity: Phase Reversal 0 or 180 / EQ filters Q 0.5 ~ 15 @ 0.1 steps / Input Mixer Three Linking Functions: Volume Linking- Absolute or Relative EQ Linking - Relative or Absolute Crossover Linking - With EQ link on, Freq Link button will link crossovers
Output EQEQ Bands: 15 (A/B), 10 (C/D), 5 (E/F) ± 15 in 0.1dBEQ bands: All Channels 31 @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass
CrossoverButterworth & Bessel 6, 12dB / Linkwitz 12dBButterworth & Bessel:6,12,18,24,30,36,42,48dB / Linkwitz: 12, 24, 36dB
Delay0~5ms / 0.02 Steps0 ~ 15ms / 0.02 ms Steps0 ~ 17ms / 0.02ms Steps0 ~ 20ms / 0.02ms Steps
Inputs4 x High / 2 x RCA / BT4 x Hi / 4 x RCA / BT8 x Hi / 2 x RCA /1 x Opt / BT8 x Hi / 2 x RCA / Opt / Coax / BT12 x Hi / 2 x RCA / Opt / Coax / BT16 x Hi / 2 x RCA / Opt / Coax / BT
XO Phase RotationNoVariable Phace shift at HP and LP filters from 0° ~ 359°
Input EQNoEQ bands: All Channels 5 bands @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass Input Delay: 0 ~ 10ms in 0.02 Steps
General / Amplifier
Frequency Resp:20Hz ~ 40kHz20Hz ~ 40kHz20Hz ~ 40kHz20Hz ~ 40kHz20Hz ~ 40kHz20Hz ~ 40kHz
Operating Voltage10V ~ 16V10V ~ 16V10V ~ 16V10V ~ 16V10V ~ 16V10V ~ 16V
Input Sens (V) RCA2.3V Max2.8V Max3V Max3V Max3V Max3V Max
Input Sens (V) Hi10V12V16V16V16V
RCA Out Voltage6 x 4.5V4 x 6V8 x 6V12 x 6V16 x 6V
RCA Out SpecsTHD+Noise < 0.003 S/N >108
Amp Outputs50W x 465W x 480W X 8080W x 8 + 150w x 280W x 8 + 150w x 4
Amplifier ClassClass ABClass D
Dimensions (mm)180 x 130 x 41180 x 129 x 36217 x 170 x 43218 x 170 x 43296 x 217 x 43331 x 217 x 43
Start-Stop readyYes
EPS Error Protection SystemYes
FinishBlack anodized AluminumBlack anodized Aluminum
Auto Turn On via DC Offset or Signal SensingYes
Remote Turn on OutputYes
Built in BluetoothYes
THD+Noise Amplifier0.03%0.02%
S/N ratio Amplifier>100dB
THD+Noise RCA out<0.002%
S/N ratio RCA out105dB108dB
Fuse Rating10A20A40A60A80A
Input impedance:6 Ohms
Input MixerYes
Software Interface64 bit Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10/11
Navigation ModeYes
Power off DelayNoYes Variable
Noise Gate (analog Input)NoYes
Automatic Switching Config.NoYes
Input EQNo5 Bands / Chan
Input All Pass FiltersNo1st and 2nd Order
Input DelayNo0 ~ 10ms / Chan
Variable Phase 0~360 at crossover filtersNoYes
Output EQ15 (A/B), 10 (C/D), 5 (E/F)31 All Channels
Hi-Shelf, Low-ShelfNoYes
Output All Pass filtersNo31 per channel
Output Delay0 ~ 5ms @ .02ms steps0 ~ 15ms @ .02 steps0 ~ 17ms @ .02ms steps0 ~20ms @ .02 steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does the Goldhorn DSP offer over traditional car audio systems?

Answer: The Goldhorn DSP provides enhanced sound quality through precise audio processing, allowing for detailed sound customization and improved overall audio performance in your vehicle.

Is the Goldhorn DSP difficult to install?

Answer: Not at all. Goldhorn DSP units are designed with ease of installation in mind, ensuring that they can be integrated into your existing car audio system with minimal hassle.

Will the Goldhorn DSP work with my current speakers and audio components?

Answer: Yes, our players are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream high-resolution audio from compatible streaming services.
Where can I download the tuning software?

Answer: Here is the link to the Software Download

Goldhorn Software V1.75

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