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Audiomobile GT2 Series Subwoofers: A Symphony of Innovation and Performance

When it comes to achieving best-in-class performance in subwoofer technology, the Audiomobile GT2 Series (also known as the "2K" Series) sets a new industry standard. Meticulously engineered with a robust feature set, these subwoofers are your ultimate choice for high-excursion and superb power-handling capabilities.

Why Choose Audiomobile GT2 Series?


Revolutionary Design & Build Quality

The GT2 Series employs Audiomobile's proprietary 6-spoke, low-profile frames integrating radial venting technology. This design synergizes with a fully machined motor and a multi-layer SVC (Single Voice Coil) design, offering peak power-handling up to 400 watts RMS and 800 watts of 'music power.' The monochromatic black finish on the motor, basket, and suspension parts adds aesthetic sophistication.

Unmatched Flexibility

Designed to excel in various applications, the GT2 subwoofers are compatible with small sealed and reflex enclosures. They also pair seamlessly with M-CAR (Modular Coupled Acoustic Radiators), our pre-tuned radiators that enhance acoustic performance.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary, low-profile, powder-coated, 6-spoke radially-vented frame
  • Full-size motor with no rear-axial motor-vent, reducing enclosure depth
  • Premium “CLS” Kevlar reinforced, composite laminated sandwich cone
  • Shallow mounting depth, ideal for space-saving installations
  • High-performance suspension featuring 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround

Longest Linear Excursion in Its Class

Klippel verification certifies that the GT2 series has 11.9 mm of one-way linear Xmax, making it one of the longest-excursion, low-profile subwoofers in the market. This, combined with a modest mounting depth, allows the GT2 Series to perform optimally even in enclosures as small as 0.40 cubic feet.

High-Performance Suspension

The innovative suspension features include a 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround, an 8” flat-spyder, and ‘in-line’ lead wires. These contribute to more than 2 inches of peak-to-peak excursion, powered by a unique, compact motor with a large diameter 145 mm 20 cm magnet.

In summary, the Audiomobile GT2 Series subwoofers redefine what you can expect from compact, high-performance, low-profile subwoofers. Whether you are an audiophile seeking exceptional sound quality or a casual listener who craves deep, rich bass, the GT2 Series delivers on all fronts.

Experience unparalleled audio performance today with Audiomobile GT2 Series Subwoofers. Trust us, your ears will thank you.

Audiomobile GT2 Series


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