The term “Legatia” is well-known amongst car audiophiles, specialty dealers, and distributors around the world. The Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia namesake is consistently the winningest brand of speakers for over a decade in organized competition in the USA and abroad.

Legatia X celebrates the efficacy of the brand with a series of products that emphasize sound quality reproduction, offered in a variety of bespoke midbass and midrange options. To begin, you can choose between carbon fiber and paper cones, as well as the inclusion of a dust cap or extended phase plug pole piece. Likewise, the fine fabric diaphragm Legatia X tweeter comes in both brushed aluminum finish or black anodizing.

Legatia X products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs, with bespoke options, allowing the end-user to design a custom system of Legatia X products or a combination of Legatia X products and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings.

Legatia X series midranges and midbass utilize the same exact mounting topology as the Legatia products for immediate ‘drop-in’ upgrade potential.

Legatia X systems are the benchmark speakers systems from Hybrid Audio Technologies.

Grilles are available for Legatia X midrange/midbass drivers from the Legatia series

Hybrid Audio Legatia X


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