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Audiomobile Evo Series Subwoofers – Elevating Sound Quality to New Heights

Welcome to the Audiomobile Evo Series Subwoofers, the epitome of HIGHER SOUND QUALITY AT EXTREME OUTPUT LEVELS. A revolutionary milestone in the Audiomobile catalog, the Evo Series is where technology, design, and exceptional sound fidelity intersect.

Unique and Proprietary Features

This remarkable subwoofer series builds upon the successful foundations laid by other Audiomobile subwoofers, integrating innovative features like our patented "SLX" cast alloy frame and the groundbreaking Shaped Manifold Gap ("SMG"). These technologies are masterfully combined with a fully-machined, extended magnetic top-plate and a distinct thermal management system. The ingenuity behind this design utilizes the aluminum frame as an integral component for cooling the Voice Coil (VC) and motor, eliminating the need for additional, costly machining or parts.

Slim Yet Powerful Design

The Evo Series deftly packs high-quality performance into a sleek and low-profile form factor, measuring under 100 mm in height. Despite its compact size, it is a powerhouse capable of achieving higher linear excursion, or "Xmax," along with increased power-handling capabilities. The compact size doesn’t compromise its effectiveness, allowing it to perform impressively in micro enclosures, just like our revered GTS "21" series.

Unmatched Performance Metrics

The Evo series doesn't just raise the bar; it obliterates it. With an astonishing 15.5 mm of linear, one-way "Xmax" (specifically in the Evo 2410 model), the Evo series is a game-changer in the slimline subwoofer category. What does this mean for you? Higher excursion translates directly to higher sound quality at extreme output levels, ensuring that you experience the utmost clarity and depth in every bass note.

Why Choose Audiomobile Evo Series?

  • Higher Sound Quality: Experience crystal-clear, unparalleled sound even at extreme output levels.
  • Efficient Thermal Management: Advanced thermal management design keeps your subwoofer cool, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • High Linear Excursion (“Xmax”): With 15.5 mm of linear, one-way “Xmax," the Evo Series sets a new standard in the slimline subwoofer category.
  • Compact Form Factor: Built to fit snugly into micro enclosures without sacrificing power or sound quality.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of sound performance while maintaining a slim profile, nothing comes close to the Audiomobile Evo Series. Experience the next evolution in subwoofer technology today.

For the ultimate auditory experience that exceeds expectations, choose Audiomobile Evo Series Subwoofers.

Audiomobile EVO Series


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