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Introducing the Eton Stealth Series

A curated line of cutting-edge amplifiers and subwoofers redefining acoustic performance parameters. This luxurious series seamlessly blends advanced engineering with sophisticated aesthetics to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience. From the depth of bass to the clarity of treble, the Eton Stealth Series revolutionizes sound dynamics to amplify the soul of your music, movies, and games.

Architectural Mastery for Acoustic Perfection

The design ethos behind the Eton Stealth Series focuses not just on generating exceptional sound but also on improving the operational stability and cooling attributes of the subwoofers. Groundbreaking design innovations such as high-grade thermal management systems and bespoke housing materials ensure that the subwoofers consistently perform at their peak. These design features enhance the equipment's longevity and contribute to more accurate, richer bass reproduction.

Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP: The Powerhouse 7-Channel Amplifier

The Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP is a remarkable testament to the brilliance of modern audio technology. This 7-channel amplifier has a cutting-edge Digital Sound Processor (DSP) designed to fine-tune your audio environment perfectly. Whether it's the strings of a violin or a drum beat, the sound is crisply delivered with minimal distortion.

But the Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP isn't just about remarkable sound; it's also about versatility. Integrated Hi-Res WiFi streaming capabilities offer various connectivity options for all your devices. The amplifier even boasts auto-sense technology, detecting input signals automatically for a fuss-free user experience. With both Hi-Lo inputs, this unit is engineered to be compatible with various sound systems, ensuring that integration into your current setup is as seamless as possible.

Eton Stealth 1200.1: The Monoblock Marvel

For those who demand uncompromising power from their sound system, look no further than the Eton Stealth 1200.1. This monoblock amplifier is a beast, boasting an astonishing 1200 Watts RMS. Designed for audiophiles who crave sheer power and unmatched clarity, the 1200.1 can transform any ordinary audio setup into a full-fledged concert experience. Not only does it deliver sound that fills the room, but it does so with clarity that captures every nuance of the audio spectrum.

Why Choose the Eton Stealth Series?

In an age where sound systems often compromise on either form or function, the Eton Stealth Series stands as a beacon of balance between the two. Here, the aesthetic appeal complements, rather than competes with, the operational efficiency. This makes it a favorite among both tech-savvy enthusiasts and design-focused consumers alike.

Moreover, the Eton Stealth Series is backed by a legacy of quality and innovation. Decades of experience in acoustic engineering have culminated in this state-of-the-art product range. Each component, from capacitors to circuit boards, is meticulously chosen to meet stringent quality standards. As a result, the series offers not just mind-blowing sound but also unmatched reliability.


So, whether you're looking to upgrade your home theater system, refine your professional studio setup, or immerse yourself in sonic landscapes of unparalleled richness, the Eton Stealth Series offers a range of products tailored to meet—and exceed—your specific needs. Immerse yourself in the ultimate auditory experience today with the Eton Stealth Series—a sound investment for discerning ears.

Through its melding of artistry and engineering, aesthetic appeal, and operational excellence, the Eton Stealth Series redefines what a sound system can and should be. This isn't just another set of amplifiers and subwoofers; this is the future of acoustic technology. Experience the difference today.

Eton Stealth Series


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Eton Amplifier Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP Amplifier, Class DEton Stealth 7.1 DSP Amplifier, Class D|Eton|Audio Intensity

Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP Amplifier, Class D

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