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Feel the Beat, Drive the Passion: Unleash the Powered Car Subwoofers

Transform your car into an auditory masterpiece with our premium Powered Car Subwoofers. Tailored for both the discerning audiophile and the everyday music lover, these subwoofers redefine your in-car audio experience. Feel the depth and power of every bass note, turning each drive into an immersive musical journey. Whether navigating through urban landscapes or hitting the open road, our subwoofers promise a sound experience that is as thrilling as your travels. 

Step into a world where every trip is underscored by exceptional sound quality, making your vehicle not just a mode of transport, but a moving concert hall.

Feel every beat with deep and powerful bass. Explore our selection of Car Subwoofers for superior audio performance.

What makes a Powered Car Subwoofer different?

Shallow mount subwoofers are ingeniously designed to fit in tight spaces where conventional subwoofers can't. Their slim profile allows for installation in compact areas, such as under seats or in small trunks, making them ideal for smaller vehicles or home theater setups where space is at a premium.

Performance Overview:

Despite their compact size, these subwoofers pack a punch. They deliver a surprisingly powerful and clear bass response, rivaling their larger counterparts. The precision engineering ensures that music lovers enjoy deep, resonant bass tones, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Unique Features of Powered Car Subwoofers:

β€’ Integrated Amplifier: Each subwoofer comes with a built-in amplifier, perfectly tuned to match the driver, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

β€’ Compact Design: Engineered for space-saving without compromising on sound quality, these subwoofers fit seamlessly into various car models, maximizing cabin space.

β€’ High-Quality Bass Production: Experience deep, rich bass with minimal distortion, thanks to advanced cone materials and optimized enclosure designs.

β€’ Adjustable Crossover: Tailor your listening experience with an adjustable low-pass crossover, allowing you to set the frequency range that the subwoofer handles.

β€’ Phase Control Switch: This feature allows you to adjust the subwoofer's phase to match your car's acoustics and other speakers, ensuring a harmonious sound blend.

β€’ Robust Build Quality: Constructed with durable materials, these subwoofers are built to withstand the rigors of car usage, from temperature fluctuations to vibrations.

β€’ Easy Installation: Designed for user-friendly installation, these subwoofers come with clear instructions and necessary hardware, making setup straightforward.

β€’ Remote Bass Control: Enjoy the convenience of adjusting bass levels right from your seat with a remote control, enhancing user interaction and ease of use.

β€’ Thermal Protection Circuitry: Integrated thermal protection prevents overheating, ensuring long-term reliability and performance consistency.

β€’ Auto Turn-On Feature: The subwoofer automatically powers on with your car stereo, offering seamless integration and ease of use, without the need for a separate remote turn-on wire.


The Eton Move 10-300 AR Active Subwoofer is a top-tier audio device designed to enhance the in-vehicle audio experience. Engineered in Germany, it combines exceptional sound quality with easy installation and a stylish design, making it an ideal choice for both audiophiles and casual listeners looking to upgrade their car's audio system.

Key Features:

Hassle-Free Installation: Designed for plug-and-play setup with high and low-level inputs, ensuring quick and foolproof installation.

Auto Turn-On Function: Features SIG/DC auto turn-on, compatible with vehicles with start-stop functions.

Complete Installation Kit: Comes with all necessary accessories and a wired-level remote control for effortless installation.

Powerful Subwoofer: Equipped with a 250 mm (10") dual voice coil subwoofer with a pressed paper cone and ferrite magnet for exceptional bass clarity.

Built-In 150W Amplifier: Eliminates the need for an external amplifier, simplifying the setup.

High Sound Pressure Level: Offers a characteristic sound pressure of 87.4 dB for clear, deep, and reverberating audio.

Robust and Stylish Design: Features a high-quality MDF wood enclosure with a hammered finish and a solid metal hexagon cover grille, adding aesthetic value to your car's interior.

Bass-Reflex Construction: Includes a wood port for balanced resonance and dynamic bass.

Customizable Sound Settings: Adjustable crossover frequency and level remote control allow for tailored sound preferences.

Compact Dimensions: Measures 450 x 330 x 333 mm, making it suitable for various vehicle sizes.

Engineered in Germany, the Eton Move 10-300 AR Active Subwoofer is a fusion of sound, performance, and design, offering an unparalleled audio experience with the convenience of easy installation. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to feel every beat of their music with clarity and depth.


MOVE active subwoofers are designed to provide a full bass experience in vehicles with minimal installation effort. They combine strong performance with beautifully designed housings and are easy to install.

Key Features:

High-Quality Construction: The subwoofers feature a high-quality MDF wooden cabinet with a hammered finish, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Robust Design: Each unit includes a solid metal hexagon cover grille for added protection.

Powerful Subwoofer: Equipped with a 300 mm (12") dual voice coil subwoofer with a pressed paper cone and a strong ferrite magnet, delivering rich and deep bass.

Bass-Reflex Construction: The design includes a wooden port for enhanced bass response.

Integrated Amplifier: Comes with a 200 W amplifier module built into the subwoofer.

Versatile Connectivity: Features high-level inputs, low-level inputs, and is compatible with vehicles having a start-stop function.

Auto Turn-On Function: Includes SIG/DC auto turn-on functionality for ease of use.

Adjustable Crossover Frequency: Allows for customization of the audio output.

Remote Control: Comes with a level remote control for convenient adjustments.

Engineered in Germany: Promises quality and reliability in design and performance.


The subwoofer measures 500 x 350 x 385 mm, making it compact enough for vehicle installation.

Overall, the MOVE active subwoofers, particularly the larger model from the MOVE AR series, offer a dynamic, full-bodied bass response with foolproof installation, making them an all-rounder in terms of vehicle bass enhancement.


The Rainbow Audio EL-W8a is an 8-inch active subwoofer designed to enhance the car audio experience significantly. It's a compact yet powerful solution, ideal for those who want to improve their car's audio system without compromising on space or budget.

Key Features:

Integrated 200W Amplifier: The built-in amplifier simplifies installation and ensures optimal tuning for powerful bass.

Compact Design with Mighty Performance: Despite its small size, it delivers deep and powerful bass, offering an exhilarating audio experience.

High Signal Integrity: Boasts a signal-to-noise ratio of >98dB, ensuring cleaner and clearer sound by reducing noise and interference.

Flexible Sound Shaping: Features a low pass filter and bass boost, allowing for customized audio output to suit individual preferences.

Easy Integration: Designed with high-level and low-level inputs and a working voltage range of 10V-16V, it easily integrates with most car audio systems.

Space-Saving Solution: Its modest footprint makes it an ideal choice for those looking to add bass without the bulk of traditional subwoofer systems.

Enclosed Subwoofer System: As a self-contained unit, it's ready to use and easy to install, blending seamlessly with the car’s interior.

Budget-Friendly: Offers a cost-effective way to achieve high-quality bass in your car audio system.

The Rainbow Audio EL-W8a is perfect for budget-conscious audiophiles who don't want to sacrifice quality for size or cost. It stands out as a complete subwoofer solution that is both easy to install and capable of significantly enhancing music enjoyment while driving.


The FEM AUDIO STS-F12 is a 12-inch active subwoofer designed to fit conveniently in the spare tire compartment of a vehicle. It offers a powerful and deep bass experience, enhancing the overall audio output of your car's sound system.

Key Features:

Space-Saving Design: Specifically crafted to snugly fit atop the spare tire, providing a robust bass performance without taking up extra space.

User-Friendly Controls: Features easy-to-access adjustment knobs for quick and effortless sound customization.

High Power Output: Delivers 150W RMS and 300W peak power, ensuring impactful and deep bass.

Wide Frequency Response: Ranges from 20Hz to 150Hz, catering to a broad spectrum of low-frequency sounds.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Greater than 90dB, ensuring clear and clean sound output.

Stealthy and Secure: Its hidden installation in the spare tire area makes it less visible to thieves.

Vibration-Free Sound: When mounted in the spare tire, it transmits sound evenly throughout the vehicle without vibrations or unwanted noises.

High-Quality Components: Includes a 12" high excursion subwoofer with flexible rubber surrounds and a PWM MOSFET power supply amplifier.

Versatile Installation Options: While optimized for spare tire mounting, it can also be installed in the trunk or under the seat.

Comprehensive Installation Kit: Comes with a plug-and-play wire harness and a wired 20-foot dash remote for adjustable gain, bass boost, low pass crossover filter, and phase control.

Advanced Features: Equipped with auto turn-on/off, soft delayed remote turn-on, and protection circuits (thermal, short, overload).

Durable Construction: Features a cast aluminum casing for longevity and durability.

The FEM AUDIO STS-F12 is an ideal choice for car audio enthusiasts looking for a powerful, clear, and space-efficient subwoofer solution. Its design and technical capabilities make it a versatile and user-friendly addition to any vehicle's audio system.


The FEM AUDIO USS-F10 is a slim, high-performance subwoofer designed to deliver deep and impactful bass in a compact form. It's an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their audio experience without the bulk of traditional subwoofers.

Key Features:

Compact Design: With dimensions of 344 x 244 x 79 mm, the USS-F10 is sleek and space-efficient, perfect for tight spaces.

Wide Frequency Response: Ranges from 20Hz to 180Hz, capturing a broad spectrum of deep and low-frequency tones.

Optimized Impedance: Features an output impedance of 4Ξ©, making it compatible with various audio setups.

Flexible Power Output: Offers dual-mode power options of 150W and 300W, allowing for customized sound levels.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Over 90dB, ensuring the bass is clear and free from distortion.

Built-In Amplifier: Comes with a high-performance amplifier that enhances the depth and intensity of bass.

The FEM AUDIO USS-F10 stands out for its ability to deliver robust bass performance in a slim package, making it a perfect choice for those seeking quality sound in a space-saving design.

Frequently asked questions

What is a powered car subwoofer and how does it differ from a passive subwoofer?

A powered car subwoofer, also known as an active subwoofer, includes a built-in amplifier, which powers the subwoofer directly. This contrasts with passive subwoofers that require an external amplifier. The integrated amplifier in powered subwoofers simplifies installation and reduces the need for additional equipment.

How do I choose the right size powered subwoofer for my car?

The choice of subwoofer size depends on several factors including the available space in your car, your bass preferences, and the type of music you listen to. Generally, larger subwoofers (like 12-inch or 15-inch) produce deeper bass, while smaller ones (like 8-inch or 10-inch) offer more punchy and precise bass. Consider the space you have and the type of bass you prefer when choosing.

Can I install a powered car subwoofer myself, and what tools will I need?

Yes, many powered car subwoofers are designed for DIY installation. Basic tools you might need include a screwdriver, wire strippers, crimping tools, and sometimes a drill. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and ensure you're comfortable with basic car wiring. If not, professional installation is recommended.

How does the placement of a powered subwoofer in my car affect sound quality?

Subwoofer placement can significantly impact sound quality. Common locations include the trunk, under the seat, or in the rear cargo area for SUVs. Trunk placement often gives the most powerful bass but can lead to sound being muffled. Under-seat placement offers more direct sound but might limit the size of the subwoofer. Experimenting with different locations can help you find the best balance of sound quality and space utilization.

Article Spotlight

Powerful Subs with Built-in Amps

πŸ”Š Powered subwoofers, or subs with built-in amps, are all-in-one systems combining a subwoofer, amplifier, and enclosure, ideal for car audio.

πŸš€ They offer convenience and space efficiency, eliminating the need for separate amplifiers and saving trunk space.

πŸ“ Powered subs typically feature high-quality pulp cones with foam surround in a ported enclosure for accurate bass performance.

πŸŽ›οΈ These subwoofers include a remote level control for easy adjustment of bass output according to user preferences.

πŸ€” Powered subs cannot be connected to an external amplifier as they already contain a built-in amplifier.

πŸ”„ They are simple to set up and are designed for optimal performance, but they have limited upgradeability since the amplifier is integrated.

πŸ’° While cost-effective upfront, these subs might not offer the best long-term value due to limited component upgradeability.

πŸ“ Ideal for car audio enthusiasts, powered subs suit those who appreciate powerful bass in compact spaces.

🌟 Popular models include Rainbow Audio EL-W8A and Eton Move 10-300 AR, both known for their powerful bass and space-efficient design.

🎯 When choosing a powered subwoofer, consider your car's space, power requirements, performance expectations, and budget.

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