Proline X Performance Series Enclosures: The Benchmark for Top Performance and Universal Applications

Elevate Your Sound Experience

Introducing the Proline X Performance Series Enclosures—Our boxes are the answer to unmatched audio performance, perfect for entry to mid-level woofers. They offer a mix of high performance and great value. Our collection includes a variety of both sealed and ported models, designed to fit woofers from 8" to 15" in size. This variety ensures that everyone can find the perfect match for their unique needs.

Crafted in the USA: Engineered for Durability

We believe in supporting local industries. That's why each Proline X Performance Series Enclosure is hand-built in the USA, utilizing only the highest quality materials.


Hand Built in the USA:
Feel proud of a product made right here in America. This ensures the highest quality and craftsmanship. Each step is carefully done, making sure everything is just right. Choosing this means you're selecting something truly extraordinary.

3/4" USA-Sourced MDF Construction:
We use domestically sourced 3/4" MDF, guaranteeing unmatched density and durability for a lasting audio experience.

Internally Braced Design:
Our enclosures are built with an internal bracing system. This design does two great things: it makes them stronger and reduces vibrations.

Exclusive Features to Proline X

Exclusive V Port Design:
Our ported designs boast a distinctive V Port, which combines style and function beautifully. The smooth carpet grooving brings an elegant flair, and the design as a whole boosts both the performance and look of our products.

Interlocking Dado Cut Design:
We use an advanced Dado cut technique to interlock components, creating incredibly strong joints. This greatly enhances the durability of our products.

Precision CNC Cut:
We use cutting-edge ShopSabre Industrial CNC machines for precision cutting. This ensures that every piece fits perfectly, almost like a work of art in its precision.

High-Quality Terminal Cup:
Every enclosure comes with a high-quality terminal cup for secure and reliable connections.

Rounded External Edges:
We pay attention to detail—our enclosures boast rounded external edges, contributing to a sleek and modern look.

Recessed Side Panels:
Our enclosures gain added strength from recessed side panels, beautifully wrapped in a chic gray trunk liner. This enhances not just the structure's robustness but also brings an element of sophistication.

No matter if you're an experienced audiophile or just someone who wants better sound in your car, Proline X Performance Series Enclosures provide top sound quality, lasting durability, and sleek looks. Make a move to elevate your sound experience today!

Proline X - Performance Series


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