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Proline X Performance Series Enclosures: The Benchmark for Top Performance and Universal Applications

Elevate Your Sound Experience

Introducing the Proline X Performance Series Enclosures—your answer to unparalleled audio performance. Specifically tailored for entry to mid-level woofers, our enclosures offer an unbeatable combination of top performance and exceptional value. With options available in both sealed and ported variants catering to subwoofers ranging from 8" to 15", our series has you covered no matter your needs.

Made in the USA—Built to Last

We believe in supporting local industries. That's why each Proline X Performance Series Enclosure is hand-built in the USA, utilizing only the highest quality materials.


Hand Built in the USA:
Take pride in a product that's crafted in America, guaranteeing optimal quality and workmanship.

3/4" USA-Sourced MDF Construction:
We use domestically sourced 3/4" MDF, ensuring unparalleled density and strength for a long-lasting audio experience.

Internally Braced Design:
Our enclosures come with an internal bracing system that not only maximizes strength but also minimizes resonances, allowing for clearer and richer sound.

CAD Optimized:
Every enclosure is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) optimized, promising a level of precision that's hard to match.

Exclusive V Port Design:
Our ported designs feature an exclusive V Port with clean carpet grooving, delivering both aesthetics and function.

Interlocking Dado Cut Design:
We employ an innovative Dado cut technique that interlocks components for incredibly strong joints, significantly boosting durability.

Precision CNC Cut:
State-of-the-art ShopSabre Industrial CNC machines are used for precise cutting, ensuring a fit so perfect it's almost a work of art.

High-Quality Terminal Cup:
Every enclosure comes with a high-quality terminal cup for secure and reliable connections.

Rounded External Edges:
We pay attention to detail—our enclosures boast rounded external edges, contributing to a sleek and modern look.

Recessed Side Panels:
The structural integrity of each enclosure is increased thanks to our recessed side panels, wrapped in a sophisticated gray trunk liner.

Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a casual listener looking to boost your car's audio system, the Proline X Performance Series Enclosures offer you the best in sound quality, durability, and aesthetics. Invest in the future of your sound experience today!

Proline X - Performance Series


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