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Introducing the Eton PSX/RSX Series: Where Uncompromising Quality Meets Seamless Integration

In a digital world where audio fidelity often takes a back seat, the Eton PSX/RSX Series brings your listening experience front and center. No longer is high-quality audio an elusive aspiration; instead, it becomes a reality effortlessly integrated into your daily life. Designed with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, this robust coaxial system redefines what's possible in the realm of sound engineering.

Ease of Installation

The Eton PSX/RSX Series offers a streamlined installation process, designed with both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in mind. Forget cumbersome setups and complicated manuals; this series embodies user-friendly design, enabling swift and hassle-free integration into your audio environment. Each component is tailored for maximum compatibility, thereby reducing the time and expertise required for installation. It’s not just about simplicity; it’s about optimizing the ease of achieving audiophile-level sound quality.

Unmatched Performance

When it comes to performance, the Eton PSX/RSX Series exists in a category unto itself. Engineered for sonic excellence, it employs advanced materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every note, beat, and syllable is reproduced with stunning clarity and depth. Whether you are a home-theater aficionado or an automotive audio enthusiast, the system’s impeccable acoustics will envelop you in a three-dimensional sound experience that few other systems can match. From the deepest bass to the crispest highs, this coaxial system manifests a breadth of sound that captures the nuances of any audio landscape.

Durability and Reliability

Constructed with durability in mind, the Eton PSX/RSX Series is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, and then some. The system’s robust architecture ensures that it functions at optimal levels irrespective of environmental conditions. Whether installed in a home, boat, or vehicle, this series offers consistent performance, serving as a testament to the reliability and longevity that Eton is known for.

Versatile Applications

What sets the Eton PSX/RSX Series apart is its versatility. While it is engineered for those who demand no less than the best in audio fidelity, it also caters to a wide range of applications. From home audio setups to mobile sound systems, and even to marine audio configurations, this series showcases its prowess across multiple platforms. It’s not merely a product; it’s a flexible audio solution, adapting to fit your unique needs.


In a marketplace saturated with audio systems that promise much but deliver little, the Eton PSX/RSX Series stands as a beacon of quality and reliability. It takes you beyond mere listening, offering an immersive experience that transforms your interaction with sound. With its user-centric design, outstanding performance, durable construction, and versatile applications, this coaxial system is not just in a class of its own—it defines the class. When you choose the Eton PSX/RSX Series, you're choosing an unparalleled audio experience that resonates on every level.

Eton PSX/RSX Series


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Eton RSX80 3" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio IntensityEton RSX80 3" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio Intensity

Eton RSX80 3" Coaxial System

$ 399.99 $ 549.99
Save 27% vs retail
Eton PSX16 6.5" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio IntensityEton PSX16 6.5" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio Intensity

Eton PSX16 6.5" Coaxial System

$ 199.99 $ 249.99
Save 20% vs retail
Eton PSX13 5.25" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio IntensityEton PSX13 5.25" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio Intensity

Eton PSX13 5.25" Coaxial System

$ 199.99 $ 224.99
Save 11% vs retail
Eton PSX10 4" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio IntensityEton PSX10 4" Coaxial System|Eton|Audio Intensity

Eton PSX10 4" Coaxial System

$ 169.99 $ 199.99
Save 15% vs retail
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