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Introducing the Audiomobile Elite Series

Are you pursuing an extraordinary audio experience that sets your vehicle apart? Look no further than the Audiomobile Elite Series — a groundbreaking collection redefining car audio excellence's boundaries. Designed for enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the pinnacle of sound quality and innovation, the Audiomobile Elite Series subwoofers are here to elevate your audio game to new heights. In this series, Audiomobile introduces the Elite 3210, a 'low-profile' driver that delivers 21.5 mm linear Xmax, Klippel verified and will handle over 750 watts RMS. The 'low-profile' driver ensures a sleek, compact design without compromising performance.

Elite Series Subwoofer: A Symphony of Premium Features over the EVO Series

At the heart of the Audiomobile Elite Series lies the exceptional Elite Series subwoofer, an emblem of advanced engineering and audio supremacy. This series introduces an array of premium features meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience that resonates through your core.

Crafted for Superior Performance: The Audiomobile Elite Series Subwoofer

  • Low-profile, SLX Cast-Aluminum Frame: Experience form and function in perfect harmony with the low-profile, SLX cast-aluminum frame that not only exudes elegance but also ensures structural integrity, supporting the exceptional performance of the Elite Series subwoofer.
  • Exotic 'CCAW' Voice Coils: Elevating the auditory experience, the Elite Series subwoofer boasts exotic 'CCAW' (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire) voice coils. This unique configuration perfectly balances conductivity and weight, delivering unparalleled sound precision and clarity.
  • Powerful Large-Diameter Ceramic Magnet: A commanding large-diameter ceramic magnet lies at the core of the Elite Series' power. This powerhouse of magnetism propels audio performance to astonishing heights, creating bass that reverberates with intensity.
  • Premium 'CLS' Cones: Immerse yourself in sound with the premium 'CLS' (Composite Laminated Sandwich) cones. These masterpieces of craftsmanship are engineered to strike the ideal balance between rigidity and flexibility, producing pristine and impactful sound.
  • Innovative 'ICAR' Heatsink: Revolutionizing the art of cooling, the patent-pending 'ICAR' (Inter-Cooled Alloy Radiator) heatsink technology takes center stage. This proprietary innovation provides a conduction and convection cooling system to the voice coil and top plate. Heat and power compression are conquered, while long-term thermal power-handling soars beyond 500 watts RMS.

Enhanced Features:

  • The Elite Series subwoofer continues beyond groundbreaking innovations. It's equipped with enhanced features designed to enhance every facet of your audio experience:
  • Integral Aluminum Flux Stabilization Device: Including inner and outer "shorting-rings" dramatically reduces inductance, resulting in superior transient response and pristine sound clarity.
  • CNC Machined Top-Plate: Every detail counts, and the fully CNC machined top-plate ensures precision and performance align seamlessly.
  • Optimized Mounting Depth: With a mounting depth under 4.9 inches, the Elite Series subwoofer offers unparalleled installation flexibility, adapting effortlessly to your vehicle's specifications.

Excellence in "Free-Air" Subs

Meticulously engineered from the ground up, the Audiomobile Elite Series subwoofers are designed to redefine the "free-air" (I-B installation) subwoofer category. They represent an exquisite fusion of world-class features that distinguish them unequivocally from the competition. These exceptional drivers exhibit unparalleled versatility, enhancing slight reflex/vented setups, Bandpass box applications, and even 'Infinite Baffle' configurations—an area where the prior Elite series established a renowned legacy. What truly sets the Elite 3210 apart is its adaptability and its high-performance suspension system, featuring a robust 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround and an 8" flat-spider. These precision-crafted components enable a remarkable 2 inches of peak-to-peak excursion, all facilitated by the unique motor design with 'in-line' lead wires. With the Elite Series, we have reimagined the free-air subwoofer and set a new standard for audio excellence in diverse audio setups, ensuring that your auditory experience is nothing short of extraordinary. 

 What are the features of the Audiomobile Elite Series?

The Audiomobile Elite Series features high-quality audio performance, advanced technology, and sleek design. The Audiomobile Elite Series provides an immersive listening experience for car audio enthusiasts with powerful amplifiers, superior sound reproduction, and customizable settings.

Elevate Your Audio Experience Today

The Audiomobile Elite Series is a testament to true audio mastery in a world where quality and innovation converge. These 'Advanced Technology' car audio subwoofers, known as the Elite 3210, transcend conventional limits to deliver a symphony of sound that envelops you. Join us in embracing a new era of car audio and experience the evolution of sound with the Audiomobile Elite Series. The Audiomobile Elite Series subwoofers are equipped with the latest 'Advanced Technology' car audio subwoofers, including the Elite 3210, which showcase the redefined excellence in "Free-Air" subs.

Remember: "Size matters," especially in mobile products, and we've addressed every dimension to perfection—experience excellence. Experience the Audiomobile Elite Series.


Audiomobile Elite Series


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