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Product Description: Rainbow Audio Anniversary Edition Component Speaker Sets - A Symphony of High-End Audio Performance


Step into a world of pristine audio excellence with the Rainbow Anniversary Edition Component Speaker Sets. Engineered to perfection, these 2-way component sets redefine the experience of high-end sound. Suitable for audiophiles and connoisseurs of quality, this limited edition offering utilizes only top-of-the-line components to deliver a symphony of transparent sound, minimal distortion, and unparalleled directivity.


Outstanding High-End Performance

Lose yourself in an acoustic paradise as our Anniversary Edition Component Sets deliver exceptional sound quality with a broader frequency response, which caters to every subtlety in your music or in-car entertainment.

Premium Components for Superior Sound

We’ve hand-picked only the most advanced components for this limited edition set, ensuring that you experience the epitome of audio performance.

Transparent Sound

Revolutionize your auditory experience with a transparent sound miming a live performance, giving you front-row access right from the comfort of your vehicle.

Minimal Distortion

Say goodbye to compromised sound. Our advanced engineering eliminates distortion, allowing for a cleaner, clearer, and more enjoyable listening experience.

Precise Directivity

Thanks to the innovative silk dome tweeter design, the sound is directed precisely where you want it, ensuring optimal clarity and depth at any volume level.

Limited Anniversary Edition

To commemorate our years of audio engineering excellence, this speaker set is available in a limited edition design, making it a collector’s item for true audiophiles.

Rainbow Anniversary


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Rainbow Audio AE-30TH65|Rainbow|Audio IntensityRainbow Audio AE-30TH65|Rainbow|Audio Intensity

Rainbow Audio AE-30TH65

$ 349.99 $ 899.99
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