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Introducing the Proline X Economy Series, where affordability meets exceptional performance. Designed for music enthusiasts on a budget, this collection brings you quality products without compromise. Get ready to experience booming bass with our Proline X E12D-S Sealed Dual Enclosure for 12" Subwoofers, delivering deep, rich tones that will make your heart pound. Need something more compact? Our Proline X E10-S Sealed Enclosure is perfect for smaller spaces without sacrificing sound quality. For those craving even more power, the Proline X E10D-S Dual 10" Sealed Enclosure will exceed your expectations. And for all-around excellence, the Proline X E12-S Sealed Enclosure delivers exceptional sound in a sleek design. Explore the Proline X Economy Series today and upgrade your audio experience.

Proline X Economy Series


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