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Powerful Car Subwoofer with built-in amplifier

Car subwoofer with built-in amplifier, also known as powered subwoofers, have become increasingly popular in-car audio systems. These powerful subs offer convenience, space efficiency, and optimal performance in one compact system.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of powered subs with built-in amps, exploring their components, pros, cons, and popular models in the market. Whether you're a car audio enthusiast or someone looking to enhance their audio experience, powered subs with built-in amps might be the right choice.

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Understanding a Car Subwoofer with built-in amplifier

Subwoofers with built-in amplifiers, commonly called powered subwoofers, are a complete system. Unlike traditional subwoofers that require an external amplifier, powered subwoofers integrate the subwoofer, amplifier, and enclosure in one compact unit.

What are Powered Subwoofers?

As the name suggests, powered subwoofers have a built-in amplifier, eliminating the need for a separate amplifier in the car audio system. The subwoofer enclosure houses the woofer, amplifier, and power supply in a slim-, low-profile low-profile design.

Components of a Powered Subwoofer

Powered subwoofers utilize high-quality pulp cones with foam surround, allowing for accurate bass performance. The subwoofer enclosure is designed with a ported enclosure, maximizing bass output performance. Additionally, powered subwoofers have a remote level control, allowing users to adjust the bass output according to their listening preferences.

Can we connect an active subwoofer to an amplifier?

No, you cannot connect an active subwoofer to an amplifier. Active subwoofers, also known as powered subs, already have built-in amplifiers. They are designed to be self-contained and do not require an external amplifier for operation.

Pros of Subs with Built-in Amps

Subwoofers with built-in amps offer a range of advantages, making them a popular choice for car audio enthusiasts. Let's explore some of the pros of powered subwoofers with built-in amps.

Convenience of Use

One of the significant advantages of powered subwoofers with built-in amps is their convenience. These subs eliminate the need for separate amplifiers, saving space in the car. The built-in amplifier simplifies the setup process, with many powered subwoofers offering dash mount options.

Space Efficiency

Another significant advantage of powered subwoofers with built-in amps is their space efficiency. These subs' slim line, low profile design takes up less space in the car trunk, allowing for more room for other belongings.

Perfect Matching for Optimal Performance

Powered subwoofers with built-in amps are engineered to provide perfect matching for optimal performance. The built-in amplifier in these subs is tailored to the woofer, ensuring accurate power handling and peak bass performance. This perfect matching of amp and woofer results in consistent low-sounding bass, enhancing the audio experience in the car.

Simple Setup Process

Setting up powered subwoofers with built-in amps is a straightforward process, adding to their convenience. These subs feature a simple installation process, with built-in amplifiers simplifying wiring. Many powered subwoofers also come with remote level control, allowing users to adjust bass output during setup.

Cons of Subs with Built-in Amps

While powered subwoofers with built-in amps offer numerous benefits, there are a few considerations to remember. Let's explore some of the cons of powered subwoofers with built-in amps.

Limited Upgradeability

One of the main drawbacks of powered subwoofers with built-in amps is their limited upgradeability. Since the amplifier is built-in, it may restrict the option to upgrade it independently of the subwoofer. If you want to upgrade your subwoofer, you may need to replace the entire system, including the built-in amplifier.

Price Consideration of a Subwoofer with Built-in Amp

Considering the price when choosing powered subwoofers with built-in amps is essential. While these subs offer cost-effective bass solutions, they may not provide the flexibility of upgrading components individually, which can impact their overall value in the long run. However, powered subwoofers with built-in amps still offer powerful bass performance without additional amplifier purchases, saving money in the initial setup.

Potential Power Restrictions

A car subwoofer with built-in amplifier is designed to provide accurate bass reproduction with peak power handling capabilities. However, depending on the specific model, there may be power restrictions regarding watt rms power output. It's essential to evaluate the power requirements of your car speakers and audio system to ensure compatibility with powered subwoofers with built-in amps.

Ideal Users of Subs with Built-in Amps

Powered subwoofers with built-in amps are designed for users seeking next-level bass performance in their car audio system. Let's explore some ideal users of powered subwoofers with built-in amps.

Car Audio Enthusiasts

Car audio enthusiasts passionate about high-quality sound, powerful bass, and a seamless audio experience will significantly benefit from powered subwoofers with built-in amps. These subs offer powerful bass in a low-profile subwoofer system, providing car audio enthusiasts with high-output performance in a ported enclosure design. If you appreciate powerful bass in a compact space, powered subwoofers with built-in amps are perfect.

Popular Models of Subs with Built-in Amps

The market has various models of powered subwoofers with built-in amps catering to different audio preferences. Let's explore some of the popular models available:

Rainbow Audio EL-W8A 8" Active Subwoofer

Rainbow Audio EL-W8A

The Rainbow Audio EL-W8A is an 8-inch active subwoofer that delivers accurate bass reproduction with high sound quality. It features a high-quality woofer cone, ensuring powerful bass performance. Its slimline design requires less space in your car, making it ideal for compact car owners. The built-in amplifier of the Rainbow Audio EL-W8A provides next-level sound quality, immersing you in powerful bass with its peak power output.

Eton Move 10-300 AR Active Subwoofer Complete Amplified Bass Package

Eton Move 10-300 AR

The Eton Move 10-300 AR is a complete amplified bass package, offering powerful bass in one system. Its slimline enclosure ensures space efficiency in your car, while the built-in amplifier provides high-quality bass performance. With its foam surround, the Eton Move 10-300 AR delivers accurate bass reproduction, enhancing your audio experience. This powered subwoofer is perfect for car audio enthusiasts looking for powerful bass with less power consumption.

Additional Considerations for Choosing a Powered Subwoofer

When choosing a powered subwoofer with a built-in amp, remember a few additional considerations. Let's explore these considerations:

Size and Space Requirements

Consider your car's size and space requirements when selecting a powered subwoofer with a built-in amp. If space is limited, opt for low-profile subwoofers that take up less space in your car trunk. Additionally, look for subwoofers with ported enclosure designs, often offering high-output bass performance in a compact form factor. Evaluating your car's space and power requirements will help you choose the right slimline subwoofer.

Power and Performance Expectations

Evaluate your car audio system's power and performance expectations when selecting a powered subwoofer with a built-in amp. Consider subwoofers with class D amplifiers, as they offer high efficiency and power output. Look for subwoofers with speaker line inputs, allowing seamless integration with your audio system. Remote level control is also a helpful feature, allowing easy adjustment of bass levels during the setup process. Ensure the subwoofer's watt rms power aligns with your car speakers' power handling.

Budget and Value for Money

Evaluate the amount of power and high-quality bass offered about the cost of the subwoofer. Assess whether the max power of the subwoofer aligns with your budget and sound expectations. Choose a slimline subwoofer that offers powerful bass performance without compromising value.

How to Properly Set Up Your Powered Subwoofer

Properly setting up your powered subwoofer with a built-in amp is crucial in achieving optimal bass performance in your car audio system. Let's explore how to set up your powered subwoofer step-by-step and troubleshoot common issues.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

To install a powered subwoofer with the built-in amp in your car, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation. Utilize the high power handling capabilities of the subwoofer to enhance your car audio system. Take advantage of class d amplifier technology, maximizing power efficiency in your system.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues with your powered subwoofer with a built-in amp, you can take a few standard troubleshooting steps. Address power supply concerns, ensuring optimal power output for an optimal listening experience. Resolve low-profile subwoofer installation challenges, maximizing space efficiency in your car audio system. Troubleshoot dash mount challenges, ensuring a seamless audio system integration.

Is a Powered Subwoofer the Right Choice for You?

Assessing whether powered subwoofers with built-in amps are the right choice for you requires considering your bass performance needs, audio system compatibility, and sound preferences. Evaluate the variable bass boost of powered subwoofers, determining its compatibility with your audio system. Consider whether a powered subwoofer with less power output suits your listening preferences.


In conclusion, subs with built-in amps offer a range of benefits for audio enthusiasts. Their convenience of use, space efficiency, perfect matching for optimal performance, and simple setup process make them attractive. However, it's essential to consider the potential limitations, such as limited upgradeability, price considerations, and potential power restrictions. Before deciding, assess your specific needs, budget, and space requirements. Check out other articles to assist with your decisions.

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