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The Pros and Cons of Spare Tire Subs

A spare tire sub, also known as spare wheel subwoofers or subwoofers in spare wheel, has become a popular audio enhancement option for car enthusiasts. These subwoofers are designed to utilize the space within the spare tire well, providing powerful bass without compromising trunk space. This blog will explore the concept behind spare tire subwoofers, their functionality, specifications, and benefits and drawbacks in your car audio system.

We will also look at some of the top contenders in the spare tire subwoofer market, compare spare tire subs to traditional subwoofers, and evaluate their impact on trunk functionality. By the end, you should better understand whether spare tire subwoofers are worth considering for your vehicle.

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Understanding Spare Tire Subwoofers

Spare tire subwoofers are audio devices specifically designed to fit in the spare wheel well of a car. The concept behind spare tire subwoofers revolves around utilizing the unused space in most vehicles. By integrating the subwoofer into the spare tire well, car owners can enjoy deep bass without sacrificing trunk space. The best spare tire subwoofer enclosure is engineered to enhance bass output and clarity, ensuring distortion-free audio performance.

The Concept Behind Spare Tire Subwoofers

Spare tire subwoofers are designed to provide high-quality audio in a compact form. The spare tire well, typically in the trunk, is the perfect space to install a subwoofer without wasting valuable trunk space. These subwoofers are engineered to deliver powerful bass, while maintaining audio system clarity. By utilizing the spare tire well, spare tire subwoofers offer a space-saving solution that doesn't compromise audio performance.

Functionality of Spare Tire Subs

Spare tire subwoofers incorporate class D amplifiers, known for their power delivery efficiency. This ensures the subwoofer can deliver impactful bass without draining the car's electrical system. The wiring harness of spare tire subwoofers allows easy integration with the car's audio system, providing a seamless audio enhancement solution. Many spare tire subwoofers also feature remote control access, allowing car owners to adjust bass levels and other audio settings conveniently.

What is a spare tire sub, and how does it work?

A spare tire sub is a type of subwoofer designed to fit inside a spare tire well in a car. It works by utilizing the space in the tire well to house the subwoofer, allowing for enhanced bass and audio quality without taking up additional trunk space.

The Drawbacks of Spare Tire Subwoofers

Spare tire subwoofers offer a range of benefits, but they also come with some drawbacks. Let's take a closer look at both sides of the coin.

Benefits of Using Spare Tire Subwoofers

One of the main benefits of spare tire subwoofers is their compact nature, which allows for easy installation in various car models. Unlike traditional subwoofers, spare tire subwoofers preserve trunk space, offering a discreet audio enhancement solution. Despite their small size, spare tire subwoofers are designed to provide deep bass and maintain audio system clarity, thanks to their enclosure design. The spare tire subwoofers amplify RMS power consistently, ensuring optimal audio performance in a compact form factor.

Drawbacks of Using Spare Tire Subwoofers

Spare tire subwoofers offer space-saving benefits but have limitations in reproducing low bass frequencies compared to larger traditional subwoofers. The enclosure size may also impact bass output in certain audio scenarios. Some car audio enthusiasts may prefer the power and performance of traditional subwoofers. Installing spare tire subwoofers requires considering trunk well compatibility. Nonetheless, they deliver powerful, distortion-free audio in a compact package.

Top Contenders In Spare Tire Subwoofers

Now, look at some of the top contenders in the spare tire subwoofer market, each offering unique features and audio performance.

A Look at the FEM Audio 12 inch Spare Tire Subwoofer

FEM Audio 12" Active spare tire subwoofer

The FEM Audio 12" spare tire subwoofer is designed to seamlessly integrate into the spare wheel well, optimizing trunk space. This subwoofer's enclosure design is engineered to minimize distortion and maximize deep bass response, providing a rich audio experience. Equipped with an amplifier, the FEM Audio spare tire subwoofer delivers consistent power output, ensuring impactful bass in a compact package. The crossover and amplifier settings allow for fine-tuning audio preferences, catering to the needs of car audio enthusiasts. With its space-efficient design and high-performance audio, the FEM Audio 12" woofer spare tire subwoofer is worth considering for its LPF capabilities.

Features of the JBL BassPro Hub

The JBL BassPro Hub is another top spare tire subwoofer market contender. Its compact design allows for seamless installation in the spare tire well, preserving trunk space. This subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, delivering powerful and distortion-free bass. Car owners can conveniently adjust audio to achieve their desired sound with remote control access. The BassPro Hub incorporates bass boost and crossover functionalities, allowing customized audio tuning. JBL's BassPro Hub stands out for its space-saving design and impactful bass reproduction, making it a popular choice among car audio enthusiasts. With its built-in amp, the BassPro Hub delivers 200 watts of RMS power, ensuring a dynamic and immersive music experience.

What Makes Rockville RockGhost V2 Stand Out

Rockville RockGhost V2 spare tire subwoofer

The Rockville RockGhost V2 spare tire subwoofer is known for its straightforward installation, providing a hassle-free audio enhancement solution. Despite its compact enclosure design, this subwoofer delivers deep bass and impactful audio, enhancing the overall audio system in a car. The RockGhost V2 features passive radiator technology, which enhances low-frequency audio reproduction, resulting in rich bass.

Spare Tire Subs Versus Traditional Subwoofers

Now, let's compare spare tire subwoofers to traditional subwoofers regarding sound quality, installation process, and compatibility with different vehicles.

Evaluating Installation Process

Installing spare tire subwoofers typically involves utilizing the spare wheel well, making it relatively straightforward, especially for beginners' in-car audio. On the other hand, traditional subwoofers may require a wiring harness and more space in the trunk for installation, which can be more complex. With their passive design, spare tire subwoofers offer car owners a convenient audio enhancement solution. In contrast, traditional subwoofers often come with additional components such as an enclosure, amplifier, and crossover, requiring more wiring and space in the trunk.

Assessing Compatibility with Different Vehicles

Spare tire subwoofers, such as the JBL BassPro Hub, are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, allowing car enthusiasts to enjoy deep bass in various car models. Traditional subwoofers, like the Kicker subwoofer, may require assessing vehicle trunk space to ensure proper fitment.

Spare Tire Subs and Trunk Functionality

Now, let's discuss the impact of spare tire subwoofers on trunk space and practicality in everyday use.

Impact on Trunk Space

Spare tire subwoofers, like the Kicker 11HS8, are engineered to maximize trunk space while enhancing audio performance. By utilizing the spare wheel well, spare tire subwoofers offer a space-efficient audio enhancement solution that doesn't compromise trunk space. Traditional subwoofers, known for their deep bass, may occupy significant trunk space, especially in smaller vehicles. The spare tire well allows car owners to easily access the spare tire in emergencies, making spare tire subwoofers a practical choice regarding space utilization in the trunk.

Is a Spare Tire Subwoofer Right for Your Vehicle?

A Spare tire sub, such as the FEM Audio 12" Active Spare Tire Subwoofer, provides a space-efficient audio enhancement solution compatible with various car models. Traditional subwoofers, like the Eton Move 12-400 AR Active Subwoofer, are suitable for car audio enthusiasts seeking high-quality audio in their car audio system. Both spare tire subwoofers and traditional subwoofers offer viable options, and the choice ultimately depends on your vehicle's requirements.


In conclusion, spare tire subwoofers offer a convenient and space-saving solution for those who want to enhance their car audio system without sacrificing trunk space. They provide decent sound quality and can be easily installed in most vehicles.

Ultimately, deciding whether to invest in a spare tire subwoofer depends on your preferences and needs. If you prioritize trunk functionality and are willing to compromise slightly on sound quality, spare tire subs can be a practical choice. Consider your vehicle's compatibility and evaluate the top contenders in the market to make an informed decision.

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