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Audiomobile: The Perfect Solution for Car Audio Enthusiasts

Are you a car audio enthusiast looking for the perfect solution to upgrade your car's sound system? Look no further than Audiomobile – the go-to destination for high-quality car audio products, including the most advanced questions: high-end car stereos. With an impressive range of features, including advanced sound technology and top-notch design, Audiomobile is the ultimate choice for any audiophile on-the-go. Using Audiomobile offers a wide range of benefits, such as improved sound quality, enhanced audio control, and a seamless user experience. This blog post will delve deeper into what Audiomobile offers regarding high-end car stereo. From their extensive range of car audio products to their cutting-edge features and benefits – we've got you covered. Get ready to take your driving experience to the next level with Audiomobile.


Introduction to Audiomobile


With a reputation for high-quality sound and performance, Audiomobile has become a leading brand in the car subwoofer industry. Offering a wide range of car audio solutions, Audiomobile caters to every type of enthusiast. Their cutting-edge technology brings the power of immersive sound to your vehicle. Experience the clarity and depth of sound with Audiomobile's innovative products. Enhance your driving experience with their advanced amplifiers, low-profile subwoofers, and proprietary technology. Upgrade your car audio system with Audiomobile and enjoy the ultimate sound experience on the road.


Exploring Key Features:


Experience superior sound quality with Audiomobile's great product advanced technology. Their high-performance subwoofers, such as the new encore series subwoofers, utilize an SLX Cast Alloy Frame, an integral part of cooling the VC and motor. They are built with precision-engineered materials, delivering maximum bass impact for an immersive audio experience. With various sizes and configurations available, Audiomobile caters to your car's unique audio needs. Enjoy crystal-clear audio with their proprietary Shaped Manifold Gap (SMG), providing higher linear excursion and enhanced performance. Their subwoofers' low-profile, aluminum frame adds durability and improves the overall aesthetics of your car's audio system. Upgrade your audio experience with Audiomobile's exceptional features, such as the EVO 2410's exceptional 15.5 mm one-way Xmax. This substantial linear excursion translates into sound quality that's nothing short of amazing. The option to easily upgrade with the addition of "MCAR" matching pre-tuned transducer radiators and costly machining of the frame to deliver unprecedented low-frequency performance, like that of a 13- to 16-inch subwoofer, from enclosures less than 5.5 inches deep, makes Evo's a great fit for low-space applications. The EVO offers the benefits of the GTS "21" series, but in a lower-profile, under 100 mm, form-factor, yet delivers higher linear excursion, or "Xmax" plus higher power-handling, yet does so in similar micro enclosures. Higher excursion means higher sound quality at extreme output levels. Audiomobile achieves this exceptional performance without costly frame machining or additional parts.


Advantages of Opting for Audiomobile Subwoofers for Your Bass Solution


Upgrade your automotive subwoofer system and elevate your driving experience with the Audiomobile EVO series. Experience exceptional clarity and detail with their products, allowing you to hear every note precisely. Feel the deep and powerful mid-level bass that Audiomobile's subwoofers, like the new Evo Series, enhance your audio experience and fitment. Designed to withstand daily use, Audio mobile products offer long-term reliability and include free shipping at Audio Intensity. Immerse yourself in the enhanced audio performance and enjoy a more immersive soundstage with Audiomobile EVO 2410, which represents a composite of the benefits of the other Audiomobile subwoofers. Elevate your audio experience with Audiomobile's range of high-quality products, such as the new Evo Series, which combines the best features from other subwoofers. Please email us if you have any questions about thermal management or the Voice Coil (VC) cooling system. The online installation videos provided by Audiomobile are a great resource for customers to easily follow the installation process and ensure a successful setup. The stereo sounds much better with the sound treatment and the new subwoofer. Great quality is a hallmark of Audiomobile EVO series subwoofers, ensuring a premium audio experience for car audio enthusiasts—final verdict- with the sound treatment and the new subwoofer, the stereo sounds much better—an excellent fit at good price point.


-Frequently Asked Questions about Audiomobile-


What car stereo products does Audiomobile offer?

Audiomobile is dedicated to providing an extensive selection of top-tier automotive subwoofers. Our commitment is to meticulously tailor our offerings to meet various power-handling needs and individual preferences. Our subwoofers are renowned for delivering a truly unmatched bass response. With an array of sizes, innovative designs, and corresponding enclosures, we ensure your auditory experience is exceptional.

Furthermore, at Audiomobile they believe in going above and beyond. That's why they take pride in offering a diverse range of configurations thoughtfully designed to perfectly complement your unique sound setup. Audio Intensity understands that your car audio system deserves nothing but the best, and we're here to deliver the products to do precisely that.


What are the Audiomobile Encore 12 and Audiomobile Encore 15 Series woofers?


Audiomobile Encore Series

 Audiomobile Encore Series is an ultra high-end, Carbon fiber subwoofer available in 12" & 15" Sizes. The Encore series can create incredible output in micro-sized sealed enclosures by utilizing a 3" voice coil (VC) with a power handling of 1000 watts RMS.

  • The Audiomobile Encore 12 only needs a mere 4.9" depth in a small .8 ft3 sealed enclosure.
  • The Audiomobile Encore 15 only needs a 5.9" depth and a 1.25 ft3 sealed enclosure. No other 15" subwoofer can work in this tight space and generate jaw-dropping output.

The Encore Series distinguishes itself from other systems by utilizing cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing pristine and clear sound quality even at elevated volumes. When you choose Audiomobile, anticipate nothing less than superior sound, durability, and unwavering reliability.


What's causing all the buzz about the Audiomobile Evo 10 and Audiomobile Evo 12?

Audiomobile Evo 10

The Audiomobile Evo series is a testament to the highest sound quality and clarity standards, exemplifying meticulous engineering. With a focus on precision, these exceptional subwoofers are designed with micro-sized sealed enclosures, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the exacting demands of the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Recommended Enclosure sizes

  • Audiomobile Evo 8: 3.65" deep, .25ft3 -.35ft3 Sealed Enclosure
  • Audiomobile Evo 10: 3.95" deep, .45ft3 - .65ft3 Sealed Enclosure
  • Audiomobile Evo 12: 4.65" deep .6ft3 - 1.0ft3 Sealed Enclosure

With these minimal air space requirements, you'll find numerous opportunities for effortless and inconspicuous installations across an extensive range of car models, guaranteeing a customized and user-friendly experience. When you opt for Audiomobile subs, you not only elevate your driving experience but also enhance the overall value of your vehicle, making it a wise investment for both your ears and your ride.


Are Audiomobile subwoofers packaged with an enclosure eligible for free shipping?


Proline-X Micro Downfiring Enclosure


Absolutely! At Audio Intensity, we take pride in having our in-house subwoofer enclosure company, Proline-X. This specialized team is dedicated to crafting the perfect enclosures that will enhance the performance of your Audiomobile subwoofers to the fullest. And here's the best part – when you purchase the subwoofers and enclosures together, you can enjoy free shipping on us.




Proline-X Subwoofer Enclosures



Audiomobile is the go-to solution for car sound enthusiasts. With its impressive range of features and benefits, it's no wonder why so many people trust Audiomobile for their car audio needs. Whether you're looking for high-quality speakers, amplifiers, or subwoofers, Audiomobile has got you covered. Their products are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance, enhancing your overall driving experience. To learn more about the different subwoofer products and the amplifiers needed to drive them, check out our blog, "The Power Of Car Audio Amplifiers." It's a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect amplifier for your system!

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