Audio Intensity debuts Hybrid Audio's Latest Demo Vehicle - CES 2016 - Audio Intensity

Audio Intensity debuts Hybrid Audio's Latest Demo Vehicle - CES 2016

Hybrid Audio G35 before
Hybrid Audio's Demo Vehicle - Audio Intensity transforms Hybrid Audio Technologies 2012 Iasca World Champion G35. Owner, Klifton Keplinger, had his 2004 Infinity G35 brought out from Indiana to get a complete makeover from the staff and friends of Audio Intensity. What started out as a primarily an audio update with new speaker placement ideas implemented from Randy Kunin quickly escalated into a full blown rebuild and color transformation.
With a 3 month timeline before debuting at CES, additional help from several Audio Intensity friends were enlisted to make sure all went well. Starting with the trunk fabrication, Bill Johnson jumped in feet first designing and fabrication of the new amp/battery/processor rack and intricate cover and lighting panels. In just 11 days, Bill created a masterpiece of metal and wood ready to be fit, painted and wrapped.
Hybrid Audio G35 trunk    Hybrid Audio G35 trunk fab  Hybrid Audio G35 Sub Box
With the fab work done in the trunk, the sub enclosure built and ready for 16 of the 

Hybrid Audio Imagine I8SW 8 Inch Subwoofers, it was time to send the car and gear to Jesse Lindberg at NorCal Paint and Bodyworks to perform a complete color change of the car. Jesse wasted no time in doing a complete tear down of the G transforming it.




Hybrid Audio G35 teardown   Hybrid Audio G35 painted arc audio se amps  Hybrid Audio G35 painted
With the G35 itself and all its trunk accent pieces painted, it was time to wire up the system and start reassembly. Audio Intensity Owner, Scott Welch, along with Francisco Valenzuela started the painful journey of completing final fit and vinyl wrapping the cover panels and install accent lighting.
Hybrid Audio G35 trunk assembly  Hybrid Audio G35 trunk assembly  Hybrid Audio G35 trunk assembly
Hybrid Audio G35 trunk assemblyHybrid Audio G35 trunk assembly
With the trunk complete it was time to move into the kick panels and execute the building of the covers and install the Hybrid Audio Legatia L3SE and Hybrid Audio Legatia L8SE
Hybrid Audio G35 Kickpanel   Hybrid Audio G35 Kickpanel   Hybrid Audio G35 Kickpanel

Hybrid Audio G35 System Details:

Headunit: Clarion DRZ9255

Processor: Arc Audio PS8

Amplification: Arc Audio SE4200(2), Arc Audio SE2300(2)

Speakers: Hybrid Audio L8SE, Hybrid Audio L3SE, Hybrid Audio L1proR2, Hybrid Audio Imagine I8SW (16)



12 Hours of tuning and the transformation is complete.... Hybrid Audio's G35 is officially debuted at CES 2016. On to the next build....
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