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Vendor: Arc Audio
Perfect working condition, Excellent cosmetic condition.
Does not include the original box

The MOTO 720 amplifier delivers more power and features from the compact HD motorcycle-specific chassis of the legendary...
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$ 749.00

Perfect working condition, Excellent cosmetic condition.
Does not include the original box

The MOTO 720 amplifier delivers more power and features from the compact HD motorcycle-specific chassis of the legendary MOTO 600.4. While it carries the MOTO category name, many ARC Audio dealers find the compact 8.125 by 5.5-inch footprint ideal for under-seat in exotic cars and behind-seat installations in trucks.

The MOTO720 delivers an impressive 720 watts of power across its four output channels and up to 360 watts when bridged to a single four-ohm speaker. The Load Select switch adjacent to each speaker connection plug allows installers to optimize the power production capabilities for each installation. This flexibility is ideal for side-by-side and automotive applications that use front speakers that need full power at four ohms and a subwoofer that presents a bridged four-ohm load. New speaker terminal blocks integrated into the amplifier chassis replace the removable connectors on the MOTO 600.4 to deliver solid and reliable power delivery in even the harshest of conditions.

Signal connections are made using the same quick-connect plugs that ARC Audio has used for speaker-level inputs on their amplifiers for decades. These plugs have proven their reliability and durability in thousands of installations and are compatible with the wiring in the MPAK kits and the PSM digital signal processor connections. These same input connectors are plug-and-play to the provided RCA signal input dongles that come with the amplifier. Input level range switches have been added to the front panel to make it easy for installers to switch between high- and low-level inputs. Each pair of channels features an adjustable sensitivity control that allows the amp to make full power with signals ranging from 200mV to 4V in low-level mode or 600mV to 14.0V in high-level mode.

Defeatable high-pass and low-pass crossovers that are adjustable from 50Hz to 500Hz allow each pair of channels to be configured for full-range operation, or use with a subwoofer and accompanying speakers. The high-pass crossover can also be used to optimize the performance of speakers like the MOTO 602 or the MOTO602-HD high-efficiency coaxial speakers.

The amp can be configured to work with a single pair of inputs and knowing the enthusiasm of some of our clients, the amp has a 2-channel bridged mode that delivers 360 watts into a pair of four-ohm speakers.

All the sensitivity and crossover adjustments are made by removing the machined aluminum top-panel of the amplifier, so the system is easy to fine-tune once in place in a motorcycle fairing or under the dash of a side-by-side. This same removable top logo panel also prevents water from entering the switches on the top of the amplifiers.

The remote turn-on detection circuit has been upgraded to include options for DC Offset and Signal detection. These options ensure your installer can integrate the amp efficiently into any vehicle without the need for external processors.

Power and ground connections are made using a set of proprietary terminal blocks that will accept 8-AWG cables to ensure reliable performance. The remote turn-on connection moves to a similar dedicated terminal block beside the speaker terminals in this new design.

The MOTO720 also incorporates a unique microprocessor design that monitors the operation and health of the amplifier across multiple zones. In the event of an issue, the onboard microprocessor will flash a sequence of lights displaying a unique code to identify faults in the installation or system component failure such as a damaged speaker or short-circuited speaker cable. An internal fan is controlled by the microprocessor to ensure the amplifier stays cool and sounds great in even the hottest of weather conditions and volume levels.

While the amp isn’t considered “waterproof”, the main circuit board of the MOTO720 has two conformal coating layers to prevent damage in high-humidity installations and possible water from events like riding in the rain. The accent panel on the top of the amp has been enlarged to cover the top cover panel gaps, and all of the panel gaps have been tightened to reduce the chance of water drips from getting into the amp. Finally, the upgraded speaker connection blocks feature a sealed design that routes any moisture that enters from the top away from the circuit board. These key design features help make the MOTO 720 an ideal option for Motorcycle, Marine, Powersports, and Automotive installations alike.

What separates the MOTO720 from the ultra-compact amplifiers that many people use in Powersports applications is the sound quality. The engineering masterminds at ARC Audio have improved the already impressive S/N Ratio and THD specifications over the already-fantastic MOTO 600.4. Advances in power supply design and components have improved overall efficiency to an incredible 94% while reducing EMI and RFI noise production to ensure audio systems sound great.

Multi-Channel Amplifier (Four-Channels)
Microprocessor Class-D Design.
Designed And Engineered By Robert Zeff.
High-Frequency Power Supply Design For Improved Signal Transparency And Overall Sound Quality.
Built-In Internal Fan For Additional Cooling
Microprocessor Controlled Auto Sense Turn-On Technology (DC, Signal, Hard Trigger selections)
Full-Range Amplifier Design
PP Coated And Treated Design Components For The Highest Level Of Environmental Protection
Single Side Plug And Play (PNP) Connection Design.
Water Tight Direct Connect Speaker Terminals.
Balanced Differential Signal Input Design.
Audiophile Class-D Output Filter Networks.
Detailed Microprocessor Controlled Protection.
Large, High-Frequency Switching Power Supplies.
Differential Inputs allow for RCA and Speaker level inputs (Switch Selectable)
Fault Codes Storage Of The Last Protection Code Detected
High Signal To Noise Ratio Without Compromising Power Output.
Fully Balanced Input Stage Significantly Increases Flexibility
Ultra-Low ESR, High Capacity Power Supply Storage capacitors.
Bridged Mode Auto Detect Turn-On Works With Most Chip Based OEM Head units.
Precision Filtering Isolates The Power supply Reducing Unwanted Interference In Radio Reception

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