Hybrid Audio releases the Unity U69

Unity 6x9


It's finally here: the Unity U69 (6x9-inch Drivers) from Hybrid Audio Technologies are now available here on Audio Intensity. The U69, like all Unity component sets, features a meld of both Imagine and Clarity levels to produce high-end speakers a more budget-friendly price point.

Hybrid Audio has been testing pre-production U69s in several vehicles nationwide with incredible results. Finally there is an audiophile upgrade to maximize the performance of the factory speaker 6x9 locations now available in the front doors of select newer vehicles. The increased cone area of a 6x9 vs a traditional 6" allows for a much more solid up front bass with increased power handling and dynamics. They work great in late-model Dodge/Chrysler, Toyotas, Cadillacs, etc. Since the are midrange/midbass drivers, they can be used beautifully as a 2-way with either the Legatia L3V2 or L3SE for those vehicles that also include dash locations. They can also be combined with a Clarus C1 Tweeter and U2x Crossover as a traditional 2-way set.

U69 Front View

U69 Side View

U69 Backside View

U69 Flat Bottom View

What's Inside: Unity kits feature the Imagine ABS frame, spider, and water-proof cone.  They measure about 3.25" deep.



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