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Audiomobile Subwoofers

Audio Intensity is excited to announce that you can now purchase Audiomobile subwoofers and passive radiators right from the comfort of your couch on the Audio Intensity website! 

Audiomobile high-performance products are precision engineered, featuring sophisticated computer aided design (CAD), to design and model in a virtual, digital realm, before the parts are ever created. This type of advanced technology, applied in tandem with their proprietary and exclusive features, make Audiomobile low-frequency transducers unique in the market. Their goal is high-power and small form-factor.


“We are confident that our products will exceed your expectations, both in terms of sound-quality and reliability for years to come. Just as you are discriminating about the products you select to use and put into your vehicle, so too are we very selective about the retailers we work with.” - Audiomobile

Why Should You Buy Audiomobile Subwoofers?

The Audiomobile subwoofers were specifically designed in the USA, engineered to address the needs of today’s increasingly challenging vehicle integration applications, which typically require both shallow-depth and small air-space. While there are many “shallow-mount” subwoofers on the market, most have some significant drawback, usually exhibiting some combination of limited power-handling, high resonant frequency (Fs), and or large equivalent air-compliance (VAS). So while some drivers may “fit” in a given shallow enclosure, it does not mean the driver will play low, due to 40 Hz (or higher Fs) or “loud” (take high-power and have long excursion). 

What makes Audiomobile products truly unique is they they combine ALL the purported advantages of a “Isobarik” pair of subwoofers, including twice the power-handling, with half the VAS (air space requirement), as well as having both a solid, monolithic motor, and a low-profile, cast frame. The combination of these two features allows the rear of the driver’s motor to seat directly against the rear of the sub enclosure (as it has no rear axial motor vent, thus further reducing the depth of enclosure). 

Where Can I Find Enclosures for Audiomobile Subwoofers?

Over the past five years, Proline X has spent thousands of hours perfecting their American-made subwoofer enclosure boxes. Proline X relies on over 30 years of industry experience and leadership to create high-quality subwoofer enclosures. 

Available in both sealed and ported models, they fit a broad variety of products, from entry to mid level subwoofers. All Proline X subwoofer enclosures are hand built in the USA, precision CNC cut, with high quality terminal cups.

Proline X subwoofer enclosures are available on Audio intensity with Audiomobile installed, tuned to your selected final impedance. 

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