ESB 8.165 6.5"/165 mm Mid-Woofer - Pair

Vendor: ESB


8000 Series - Woofer

Main Construction Features:

• Basket made of 7000 aluminum alloy entirely worked by...

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8000 Series - Woofer

Main Construction Features:

• Basket made of 7000 aluminum alloy entirely worked by the numerical control (CNC). This makes the structure very rigid and with practically zero tolerances to the benefit of consistent performance and maximum energy transfer from the voice coil to the cone with an increase in efficiency in the low range and absence of resonances in the medium/high range. (only with Limited Edition Speakers)

• Cone is unpressed paper, as well as the dust cover. The best compromise between damping and rigidity for an extremely natural sound without colorations or alterations. A water repellent treatment also makes it suitable for applications in harsh environments.

• Oversized magnet. The high-quality wound magnet (Y-35) guarantees a surplus of energy that makes the excursion peaks easily reproducible from this woofer. Even at high excursions, the coil works quietly always in its magnetic field.

• A careful study supported by FEM analysis has allowed us to design the metal parts of the magnet in order to maximize the flow exactly around the moving coil and make it linear throughout the entire excursion. Ventilation is ensured by a large opening at the bottom where its conformation reduces the noise of possible turbulence to inaudible levels.

• The exclusive design clamp accepts large section cables.

• The large diameter voice coil uses aluminum support to better disperse the temperature. Furthermore, the entire voice coil is exposed to the outside air through large slits in the basket (protected by a dust sponge).

Non-pressed paper cone

32.4 mm voice coil diameter

Large Y35 ferrite magnet 

NPPV exponential cone

CNC aluminum basket

TWS Rubber surround

Conex® progressive spider

Motor metal part CNC machined

Computer-optimized design


Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm

Nominal Power: 160 Watt

Transient Power: 320 Watt

Freq. Response: 45 Hz ~ 4 KHz

Sensitivity: 89 dB 1W/1m

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