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Hybrid Audio Technologies high quality audio comes in stages that can make it easy to identify where you should start, or where you should move up to when you want to upgrade. At the time of writing there are currently 6 stages to choose from: Mirus, Imagine, Unity, Clarus, Legatia, and Legatia SE. While every single one of Hybrid's products are a worthwhile investment, some of them will be more ideal for your dream setup and price point.

Hybrid Audio Stage I Mirus

Stage I: Mirus

The Mirus line-up is comprised of dedicated coaxial kits for the cost-effective, OEM replacement market. Mirus is known for it's great sound quality, but lower price. Mirus name is Latin for “astonishing”; Hybrid Audio is sure that you will be astonished at how good an entry-level coaxial can truly sound (and look).

Kits include a pair of coated steel frame two-way coaxials with water-proof paper cones proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, high-energy ferrite magnets, 20mm soft-dome tweeters that swivel, integrated high-quality Mylar tweeter crossover capacitors, encased in a full-color gift box. Grilles are optional and have use in universal applications through Stage IV Clarus series.

Hybrid Audio Stage II: Imagine

Stage II: Imagine

The Imagine series consist of coaxial/convertible component sets designed for the discerning consumer interested in more than just an ‘OEM replacement speaker.’

The Imagine line-up has quickly become Hybrid Audio’s best-selling speaker, and a favorite amongst dealers and consumers because of its price to performance ratio. Imagine easily outperforms sets costing twice to three times the price. In fact, Imagine was named “one of the top-11 best bargain speakers available” by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine in 2011.

Kits include a pair of cast ABS frame midbass coaxials with water-proof paper cones proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, high-energy ferrite magnets, 25mm soft-dome tweeters, component set conversion items (midbass phase plugs, tweeter cups and hardware, connection wire, and an extra set of magnet decals), integrated high- quality Mylar tweeter crossover capacitors.

Hybrid Audio Stage III: Unity

Stage III: Unity

Unity kits are 2-way component sets designed for the discerning consumer interested in a product between the Stage II Imagine and the Stage IV Clarus product lines. The Unity series is a melding of the best of the Imagine line with Clarus-level enhancements to make a budget-friendly high-end alternative; Hybrid Audio loosely calls the Unity line ‘Clarus Junior.’

The Unity kits include the best features of the Imagine-series components, including the same cast ABS frame, spider, and water-proof cone used in Imagine systems. Clarus-level enhancements include outboard crossovers containing high-quality, low tolerance polypropylene and electrolytic capacitors and air-core inductors, PTC tweeter power protection, and three steps of tweeter attenuation, encased in the Clarus competition crossovers housing with gold-plated screw terminals. Unity systems also utilize the exceptional Clarus C1 competition-grade tweeters for a step-up in performance over the Imagine tweeter offering.

Hybrid Audio Stage IV: Clarus

Stage IV: Clarus

The Clarus series is Hybrid Audio Technology’s “Stage IV” offering, an option that has received the praises of the mass media and users worldwide. All design cues for the Clarus series were taken from the Stage V Legatia series. Clarus was reviewed by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine as one of the finest component sets ever tested, at any cost, in the past twenty years of the magazine’s review of car audio products. Clarus products come in two component set kits, the C51-2 (5.25-inch two-way component set), and the C61-2 (6.5-inch two-way component set).

Each Clarus kit contains a pair of midbass, a pair of Clarus C1 20mm soft-dome tweeters, Clarus competition-grade crossovers with nickel-plated spring- loaded terminals (suitable for display), tweeter hardware with several tweeter mounting options, connection wire, grilles, and gift box. The Clarus systems are a good “step up” in performance from the Unity series, boasting higher grade materials, increased midbass authority, higher power handling, and elevated tonal and spectral balance performance.

Hybrid Audio Stage V: Legatia

Stage V: Legatia

The widely-acclaimed Legatia Series is Hybrid Audio Technologies “Stage V” product line; Hybrid Audio’s original product offered starting in 2006, and competition-proven worldwide; the product that defined the company and its quality. Legatia is a truly high-end approach to in-car sound quality and acoustical performance. Irrespective of price, Legatia components are the finest car audio speakers available, and are eclipsed only by Hybrid Audio’s Stage VI Special Edition and Pro Series.

Legatia products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs or as component sets, allowing the end-user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia products, or a combination of Legatia and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings. A multitude of possible two-, three-, and four-way systems can be assembled using Legatia products. Legatia is the yardstick by which other brands are measured and represents the industry’s best value in super high-end speakers.

Hybrid Audio Stage VI: Legatia SE

Stage VI: Legatia SE

The Stage VI product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is the Legatia Special Edition, a collection of seriously enhanced Legatia products that boast superior performance, for those wanting to upgrade to the very finest wide-band midrange and midbass and professional-series tweeters available today.

The SE series midranges and midbass utilize the same exact mounting topology as the Stage V Legatia products for immediate ‘drop-in’ upgrade potential. The Legatia L1 Pro and L1 Pro Ring Radiator (R2) have quickly become recognized internationally as the finest car audio tweeters offered on the market today.

Like the Stage V Legatia products, the Stage VI Legatia Special Edition products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs, or as component sets, allowing the end-user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia SE products, or a combination of Legatia SE, and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings.



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