Audio Intensity Structured Twill Cap
With its curved bill, athletic shape, and silver undervisor, this is an ideal multi-purpose hat.

• 63% polyester/34% cotton/ 3% spandex twill
• Curved bill
• Silver undervisor
• Sewn eyelets
• Sizes: S/M (6 ¾” - 7 ¼”), L/XL (7 ⅛” - 7 ⅝”)
• Fitted, six-panel, mid-profile
• Structured buckram backing
$ 25.00
Stinger 9000 Series Amplifier RCA Interconnect Cable

Hear all your Music
Using only the best components, technology and construction, the engineers at Stinger set a goal to design and build the best audio interconnects available. Their quest resulted in the creation of the Stinger 9000 series premium audiophile-grade interconnect.

Only the Best Components

  • Pure Silver, the best metal conductor known to man, run in dual tightly twisted leads and paired with a separate drain lead for unmatched transmission of mid to high frequencies.
  • Oversized Ultra OFC Long Grain Copper conductors, run separately, in dual tightly twisted leads and also paired with a separate drain lead for deep bass reproduction.
  • 2 layers of EMI noise rejective shielding combined with a full metal braided shield to create an impermeable noise rejecting outer jacket.

C3 Technology

  • Continuous Connection Construction (C3) technology means no splices in any of the conductors from RCA end to RCA end.
  • Then only the best silver solder joins each of the individual 12 conductors to the RCA end resulting in crystal clear signal transmission with no coloration, uncompromised tonal accuracy, and authoritative low frequency impact.

Audiophile Grade Construction

  • All these top quality conductors are twisted around each other a second time, wrapped in a 5 layer outer jacket, and terminated with precision machined Copper RCA ends with Rhodium plating for ultimate conductivity and corrosion resistance. The precision RCA ends are then finished with Rhodium plated RCA bodies with electrically neutral Carbon Fiber inserts. The twist-lock RCA body can clamp tight onto the RCA connection with a simple twist, making a perfect electrical connection every time.
  • In order to look as good as they sound, our 9000 series interconnects include matching cosmetic transition stoppers with Carbon Fiber inserts to separate the channels from the main RCA body. Black and silver braided cotton mesh protects the flexible PVC inner jacket complementing the Carbon and Rhodium components. Also included is a beautiful wire management block for use when installing multiple Stinger 9000 series interconnects.

Get the performance no other interconnect can provide. The Stinger 9000 Series premium interconnect offers pure audio signal transfer with detail and impact from these innovative features:

  • B.O.D.A Technology. Balanced Optimized Dual Alloy construction providing "Balls On Dead Accurate" audio performance.
  • Pure Silver Conductors for full midrange and crystal clear highs
  • Ultra OFC Long Grain Copper Conductors for tighter, deeper bass
  • C3 (Continuous Connection Construction) for ultimate signal transfer and reliability
  • 5-Layer Signal Protection to keep music in and noise out
  • Twist-Lock RCA Connectors for a superior electrical connection that lasts


  • Rhodium plated machined copper, locking RCA end.
  • Rhodium plated, high conductivity copper interconnect with electrically neutral carbon fiber inserts.
  • Separate drain leads for =/-
  • Pure silver conductors for full midrange and detailed high frequencies.
  • Ultra OFC long grain copper conductors for deep bass.
  • Dual mlar foil for EMI noise rejection.
  • Metal braided sheilding for immunity to radiated noise.
  • PVC ultra compound for flexibility and durability.
  • Electrically neutral carbon fiber cosmetic transition stopper.
  • Cotton mesh protective cover.
$ 169.99
Zapco ASP-L2BT 2-Ch. Signal Line Driver/Bluetooth

In 2015, if you want the best sound and all the dynamic range your system is capable of, you need a signal line driver.

In the ’90s, any decent deck had 4 volts of preamp output. Some had 8V and some even had 12V.  But now, even the best units have only 4V RMS and most are barely 2V, and that’s 2 volts only at 1KHz at clipping. Ask the deck to produce preamp voltage at all frequencies (like when you’re playing music) and that voltage drops by 1/2 and often even more. `

What does this mean to you?  First, when you have less signal going down your RCA cables you need to gain your amp up to get volume and then your system has more background hiss and likely more distortion. An even bigger tragedy is that you are compressing the dynamic range of the music. You lose the difference between the quiet and the loud and the music sounds “canned”. There’s no life in the music.  What’s the answer? A Zapco Signal Line Driver Preamp. The ASP-L2 BT is a true 9.5Volt output line driver with 14Volts peak. The ASP-L2 has a single pair of inputs, but it has 2 pairs of outputs so you can run both a bass and a highs amplifier off the same preamp output. And, of course, each output signal gets 9.5Volts RMS.

Bluetooth Streaming: The ASP-L2 BT is not just an awesome 9.5V RMS line driver. It is also a Bluetooth input for your sound system. The L2 BT also comes with a dash remote level control so you can match the level of your Bluetooth device and the level of your head unit and use the L2 BT remote as your system volume control.

Let us take it a step further: If you do most of your listening to on an iPod, MP3 player, or other Bluetooth devise, why do you need a head unit? Really, when you have an ASP-L2 BT line driver you have your Bluetooth input, your signal line driver, and your volume control. So the head unit becomes the optional accessory! You don’t need a head unit if you don’t want one. If you have a motorcycle, boat, classic car, hot rod, 4-wheeler, or side by side RV, you probably don’t want to have to put a head unit in the vehicle. The ASP-L2.BT is exactly what you need.




  • THD < 0.01%THD

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

  • Stereo Separation 90dB

  • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

  • Dimensions in mm: 119(W) x 39(H) x 102(L) Overall: 119(W) x 39(H) x 127(L)


Features and Functions


  • 2-Channels in/4-Channels out 

  • 9.5 Volt RMS, 14 Volts peak

  • Bluetooth music streaming

  • Balanced/unbalanced inputs

  • Selectable ground reference

  • Remote level control for system volume

$ 219.99
Zapco ASP-Q1 Dash Mount EQ with 3-Way Crossover

A Full-System Preamp for people who are serious about sound quality!


Here is an Equalizer/Preamp worthy of the Zapco name. The ASP-Q1 was not designed to be an “accessory” toy or a piece of jewelry for the dash. The ASP-Q1 was designed to be an effective tool in tuning and controlling the sound of a car audio system. As a dash mount equalizer it is unmatched. With 5 bands of parametric equalization you can put up ±18dB of correction at any points in the frequency spectrum with out being limited by fixed center points. With audiophile grade internal components in the signal path and precision pots for all adjustments, the sound will be clean and transparent, with rock-solid bass and crystal clear highs. The ASP-Q1 excels as a crossover as well. You can configure a 2-way with bass and dual highs or as a 3-way crossover with a band pass. The aux input with its own input gain controls allow a portable source to be plugged in and level matched to the main input.  The over-sized power supply gives you  a 9.5 volt line driver with 14 volts available for peaks. This gives the ASP-Q1 plenty of headroom so even on the biggest signal peaks you amp will get a clean distortion-free signal. The ASP-Q1 is more than just an Equalizer. It is a true control preamp for your sound system.

Features and Functions


  • Five bands of Parametric Equalization: Since no two cars are the same, there is no way for us to know exactly where the center points need to be in any particular car. The ASP-Q1 lets you vary the center point of each of your 5 EQ bands to put the correction exactly where you need it to custom tune your system to your car.

  • Variable 18dB/octave electronic crossover: There are 4 crossover filters on the ASP-Q1. You can only 3 filters to configure a 2-way system with a subwoofer and front and rear speakers with high pass or full range and fade front to back from the EQ. You can also use all 4 filters and configure an active 3-way system with a woofer, a band passed midrange and a high pass for a tweeter.

  • Separate Bass Control: Bass output is controlled separately. The bass lever lets you balance the bass to the highs. As well as the crossover filter for the bass there is a bass phase control to adjust the phase of the bass signal from 0 to 180 degrees to help align the bass wave to the rest of the system.

  • Auxiliary input: The ASP-Q1 has an auxiliary input so you can play from another in-car source or from a portable player.

  • Input gain controls: Each channel of both main and Auxiliary input has its own input signal adjustment.

  • Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs: The ASP-Q1 can accept either balanced inputs, with a Bal/UnBal switch for Main-in and Aux-in.

  • Tiffany style panel mount RCA connectors: These give positive, trouble-free RCA signal connection

  • High voltage power supply: The ASP-Q1 has a remote high voltage power supply for or a true 9.5 Volt RMS preamp output.




  • THD < 0.001%THD

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

  • Stereo Separation 92dB

  • Headroom 20dB

  • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

  • Dimensions (mm): 121(W, w/RCA) x 25.5(H) x 176(L)

$ 499.99

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