Hybrid Audio Legatia L1v2 Tweeter

Vendor: Hybrid Audio Technologies
The Hybrid Audio Legatia L1v2 is a compact, high-resolution 20mm (3/4-inch) dome-type tweeter which has a very good, extended linear response and exceptional transient response, and can be used for the...
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The Hybrid Audio Legatia L1v2 is a compact, high-resolution 20mm (3/4-inch) dome-type tweeter which has a very good, extended linear response and exceptional transient response, and can be used for the reproduction of treble frequencies in dedicated two-, three-, and four-way front stage systems. We are proud to be one of the very few speaker manufacturers that understand what it takes to build a car audio tweeter: larger diaphragm tweeters sound heavy and unremarkable, lack detail and have unnaturally fast rolloff in the upper treble frequencies, have undesirable polar response, and are extremely difficult to install. Additionally, metal dome tweeters tend to be harsh, brittle, and add unnecessary coloration to the music. This is why we have built the quintessential small-diameter car audio tweeter that is very easy to install, boasts a small diameter soft-dome silk diaphragm and resonance frequency that is complementary to all types of front-stage system architecture. The L1V2 can be listened to for hours without listener’s fatigue, while having an industry-standard polar response. The design offers a wide dispersion pattern for flexible mounting locations and easy installation. And the phase linearity of the design ensures phase coherent imaging and staging cues in the car audiophile system. Tweeters were meant to play treble, and ours does it effortlessly, in a package that fits easily in the palm of your hand. The L1V2 is available in two finishes: brushed (natural) aluminum and anodized black.

     The L1V2 starts with an impregnated fine silk cloth dome diaphragm for a linear tonal character, with a treated silk surround to damp edge modes and resonances. The Hybrid Audio Legatia L1v2 is efficient, exhibits low distortion, and has a wide dispersion. The dome is of extremely low mass and is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation than other designs, and yet yields a smooth response over the extent of its range. Motor The motor assembly of the L1V2 is conventional dynamic, with a φ19.5 × 3 H NdFeB neodymium magnet to ensure a small footprint size and shallow depth. The L1V2 tweeter has a resonance frequency of 1,830 Hz, providing a considerable amount of flexibility for use with Legatia widebandwidth midbass drivers in point-source two-way front stage systems, as well as continuing to be the tweeter of choice of point-source Hybrid Audio Technologies three-way and four-way front stage kits. The power handling was doubled from the original L1 tweeter, and the L1V2 has a nominal resistance of 4 ohms. Grille As mentioned previously, the dome is a fine silk diaphragm that has an acoustically transparent, perforated steel grille to protect it. A major upgrade over the original L1 is a fully-machined aluminum body and mounting flange to effectively damp dome and edge modes, reduce dome resonance, and edge distortion. The mounting flange accommodates three screws for surface-mounted installation; black anodized Alan-head screws are included with each tweeter kit. The L1V2 tweeter comes in two colors to ensure cosmetic integration with the vehicle’s surroundings: natural (silver) aluminum, and anodized black (there is no cost difference between the two colors). Terminals Cap and Spring-Loaded Terminals Another upgrade over the original L1 tweeter is the inclusion of an extruded polypropylene cap with integrated high-end nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals at the rear of the tweeter’s motor assembly. The spring-loaded terminals give the end-user flexibility in direct connection with largegauge tinned wiring, without the need for crimp terminals. The overall dimensions of the driver are very amenable for use in the car audio environment, boasting a depth of just 20mm, for the ultimate in mounting flexibility. 



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