Hybrid Audio Legatia LE

Audio Intensity is proud to carry the Legatia Limited Edition two-way and three-way component speakers.


The Legatia Limited Edition is a series of products designed to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the original Legatia SE-series launch. the Legatia LE series is comprised of the Legatia L1 Pro R2 LE, a limited-edition version of the Legatia L1 Pro R2 tweeter, the Legatia L3LE, a limited-edition version of the Legatia L3SE, and the Legatia L6LE, a limited-edition version of the Legatia L6SE. Special features of the LE include optimized, close-tolerance manufacturing, real 24-karat gold accoutrements including tweeter ring and phase plug, midrange and midbass phase plugs, and motor radiators, with post burn-in hand-matching, and a numbered certificate of authenticity, with original signature by company founder Scott Buwalda. the LE products are sold in limited quantities only and are not a permanent production model; quantities are limited and will have enduring value for even the most serious audiophile.

Legatia LE products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs or as component sets, allowing the end- user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia LE, SE and Pro products, or a combination of Legatia LE, SE and Pro products and other hybrid Audio technologies product offerings.

The LE series midranges and midbass utilize the same exact mounting topology as the Stage V Legatia and Stage VI Legatia SE products for immediate ‘drop-in’ upgrade potential. the Legatia SE and Pro systems are the benchmark speakers systems from hybrid Audio technologies, made even better by this limited edition offering.

Grilles and re-cone kits are available for Legatia SE midrange / midbass drivers.

Hybrid Audio Legatia LE (Ring Radiator) 25mm Soft-Dome Tweeter Gold Series

The Hybrid Audio Legatia LE L1ProR2 are hand-matched limited edition product to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the SE Series. 


The Hybrid Audio Legatia LE L1 pro R2 is a 58mm (2.3-inch) O.D. “low resonance” wide-bandwidth tweeter driver to compliment both two-way and three-way system designs, where a super high-end tweeter driver is required. The Legatia L1 R2 is based upon the original architecture of the Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L1 Pro transducer, as well as the Legatia L1 Pro SE, a special edition version of the L1 Pro. At the onset of the Legatia Pro-Series program, we wanted to be sure that the Pro-Series tweeter could be listened to for long listening sessions with no noticeable listener fatigue, and the L1 R2 answered the call. The L1 R2 is an advancement of the original Legatia L1 Pro design, boasting a ring radiator and diaphragm for exceptional polar response and an even broader frequency response, and lower resonance frequency than the original L1 Pro. 

The Legatia L1 R2 is a 25mm (1-inch) ring radiator-type tweeter, which is the desired diameter for aplomb performance and class-leading polar response, having an extended linear response and exceptional transient response. The design offers a wide dispersion pattern to make for flexible on- and off-axis installation and speaker location. The L1 R2 doesn’t suffer from typical “heaviness” in tonal quality, typically associated with damped, large-diameter (28mm +) dome tweeters; the L1 R2 can be used for the reproduction of upper midrange and treble frequencies in dedicated multi-way front-stage systems. 

The Legatia L1 R2 is the world’s finest ring radiator tweeter – bar none. No competing manufacturer can match the performance of the Legatia SE L1 R2. It is the world’s first and only ring radiator design that boasts incredible off-axis response, for extreme mounting flexibility in the car environ. The L1 R2 tweeter is an exceptional super high-end solution for installers, enthusiasts, and car audio competitors, and provides the tweeter foundation for many of our high-end two-way and three-way systems.




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