Hybrid Audio 8" Collection

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Hybrid Audio Legatia L18SW
Hybrid Audio Legatia L18SW

Legatia Subwoofers are the next generation subwoofer building on the highly successful Clarus Subwoofer.


You’ll know how serious this driver is at first glance as you take in the cast frame and heavy-duty nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals, but its proof will be upon first listen as the Legatia subwoofer does what it does best: articulating the nuances of your favorite recordings to effectively reproducing significant sound pressure levels. At home in virtually any enclosure arrangement – from sealed, to vented, to infinite baffle and bandpass – the Legatia range of subwoofers are going to impress even the most critical listener with speed and articulation, bottom-octave authority, with a total inductance profile that is not just low, but flat over stroke, frequency, and power.


When we set out to design a replacement for the venerable Clarus subwoofers, we knew the only way to go was to make them better performers, while keeping the same suggested price. The Legatia subs use the same frame as the Clarus subwoofers, providing for an easy upgrade potential (provided the deeper and/or wider motor structure can fit within the enclosure). The larger motor on the Legatia woofers provides both higher nominal and maximum (thermal) power handling and is one of the factors that allow for a longer linear ravel of the cone (Xmax) when comparing the Clarus and Legatia subwoofers.


It might be noted that many of the Legatia subwoofers have a slightly higher resonant frequency (Fs) by a few Hz, but this is likely to be negligible in many vehicles because of the effect of cabin gain. A higher Fs usually means a lower moving mass (Mms) in certain sizes. Building a speaker is a challenging compromise! Hybrid Audio has always believed in lower moving mass speakers – remembering our analogy of racing wheels and rotational mass – the lighter wheel, the faster it will spin with the same power. The lighter a speaker we can make the faster it will be with the same power. Simple as that. You will find that the Legatia subwoofer to be quite a bit faster on musical transients than its Clarus sibling. In the same vein, on a few models, we made a few adaptations to enclosure volume requirements by changing some of the Thiel/Small parameters to allow for more common sealed box uses. Finally, we have incorporated an 18-inch subwoofer into the line and there doesn’t seem more else to say than: “an 18-inch sound quality subwoofer?” Yep!


Subwoofer Specifications


Impedance Dual 2 Dual 4
Fs 27 28
Qms 3.69 4.521
Qes 0.32 0.447
Qts 0.294 0.407
Xmax (two-way) 60mm 60mm
Vas 110.38 110.38
Sd 107.52 107.52

Recommended Enclosures:


Legatia L18SW

Sealed: 4.0 ft^3
Vented: 6.0 ft^3 Tuned @ 26 Hz
Infinite Baffle

$ 1,299.99

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