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Hybrid Audio Unity Series U5A 5 Channel Amplifier Sale
Hybrid Audio Unity Series U5A 5 Channel Amplifier
The latest offering from Hybrid Audio Technologies has been refined over 4 years of development. The highly anticipated Unity line of amplifiers delivers high power in a small beautiful chassis of aluminum and tempered glass. Models include the 1, 2, 4, 5 or 6 channel versions for the most flexibility in system design. 12db variable internal crossovers with bandpass options were incorporated to allow active operation on 2 and 3-way speaker systems. We believe these are the finest amplifiers in their class at any price. 
• Class “D” High-Current Operation
• Dual Discrete Drive Stages
• MOSFET PWM Power Supply
• Bridgeable & Tri-Mode Operation
• Continuously Variable and Defeatable 12dB/Octave High Pass & 12dB/Octave Low Pass Crossovers
• Nickel Plated RCA, Power & Speaker Terminals
• Soft Start & Muting
• DC, Thermal, and Short Circuit Protection
Power RMS @ 4 ohms: 75w x 4 + 400w x 1
Power RMS @ 2 ohms: 110w x 4 + 600w x 1
Power RMS @ 4 ohms bridged: 220w x 2
Low Pass Filter: 600 Hz-6 kHz (Channels 3&4) 50-200 Hz (Channel 5)
High Pass Filter: 15 Hz-6 kHz (Channels 1&2) 50-500 HZ (Channels 3&4)
Frequency Response: 10 Hz-30 kHz (Channels 1-4) 10-250 Hz (Channel 5)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 db
THD <.05%
Input Sensitivity: 350 mV-6 V
Input Impedance: 22k Ohm
Minimum Speaker Impedance @ Stereo: 2 Ohm
Fuse Rating:  30A x 3
$ 999.99 $ 799.99
Hybrid Audio Unity U51-2 5.25” Component Set Sale
Hybrid Audio Unity U51-2 5.25” Component Set

The Hybrid Audio Unity U51-2 5.25” Component Set is a 2-way component set designed for the discerning consumer interested in a product between the Stage II Imagine and the Stage IV Clarus product lines. The Unity series is a melding of the best of the Imagine line with Clarus-level enhancements to make a budget-friendly high-end alternative; Hybrid Audio loosely calls the Unity line ‘Clarus Junior.’

The Hybrid Audio Unity U51-2 5.25” Component Set includes the best features of the Imagine-series components, including the same cast ABS frame, spider, and water-proof cone used in Imagine systems. Clarus-level enhancements include outboard crossovers containing high-quality, low tolerance polypropylene and electrolytic capacitors and air-core inductors, PTC tweeter power protection, and three steps of tweeter attenuation, encased in the Clarus competition crossovers housing with gold-plated screw terminals. Unity systems also utilize the exceptional Clarus C1 competition-grade tweeters for a step-up in performance over the Imagine tweeter offering.


$ 499.99 $ 439.99

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