Subwoofer Enclosures

All Audio Intensity Enclosures are CNC machined giving us the ability to customize and personalize to your needs. We use only 100% US MDF in .75" to 1.5" thicknesses depending on the enclosure requirements. Our enclosures are cross braced by dividing the full panels into smaller well-supported sub-sections by which the resonant frequency of the panels is driven too a much higher frequency past the crossover point of the subwoofer.

All Audio Intensity subwoofer enclosures are computer-aided in their design and built to the specs of the driver intended to be used for maximum performance.  No compromises... Maximum Sound Quality and Maximum Performance.

Mjolnir-12p2DSP Home Theater Subwoofer System

Details coming soon... available in 8" thru 15" sizes 



$ 1,350.00

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