DC Audio Level 5 Subwoofers

The DC Audio level 5 is the m3 version of the Lv5 subwoofer. They come in 12”, 15” and 18” sizes. They are built for ground pounding and taking abuse out in SQL competition lanes. When DC Audio went to create this woofer they wanted to make improvements in cooling, motor force, and soft parts. They accomplished this with the AR surround / Cone, solid pole, machined cooling vents, 10” Spiders and a 3.5” coil. The end result is a work of art. They work great in SPL and pounding out the lows.

DC Audio Level 5 subwoofers DO take up to 21 working days to be completed, as they are completely made to order subwoofers (and there might be a queue). They will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. DC Audio pride themselves on superior built products, one woofer at a time, ensuring the great performance that DC Audio products are known for.

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