Hybrid Audio Technologies releases the Unity U3

Posted by Scott Welch on

Unity U3

Hybrid Audio has really done it this time.  The Hybrid Audio Unity U3 3.7" Wide Band Midrange drivers are now in stock and available here on Audio Intensity. This little powerhouse is designed to fit into the stock dash locations of newer Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus at a price point under $200.

Unity U3Unity U3

Combine the Unity U3 along with the newly released Unity U69 and for a completely upgraded front stage while maintaining the factory appearance. Finally there is an audiophile upgrade to maximize the performance of the factory speaker 6x9 locations now available in the front doors of select newer vehicles. The increased cone area of a 6x9 vs a traditional 6" allows for a much more solid up front bass with increased power handling and dynamics. 

These will also be available soon as an Audio Intensity exclusive Dodge/Chrysler/Toyota Speaker Package which will include pairs of the Unity U69 & U3 along with mounting adapter plates, door speaker damping kit and 6x9 Fast Rings to make installation a breeze and maximize the performance of your new front stage.

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