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DC Audio
  DC Audio products have a reputation for getting loud and sounding great in the process. They are often
referred to as SQL drivers. SQL= Sound Quality Loud. Audio Intensity is proud to introduce DC Audio to it's product line up for our SPL/SQL customers. This includes the full line of DC Audio Amplifiers and DC Audio Subwoofers and we are in prototype stages of the Powered By DC enclosure offerings.
  DC Audio AmplifierDC Audio has been making a huge name for themselves over the past 7 years with over 100 state, national or world records under their belt. Dc Audio has become the competitors choice for destroying the competition and staying in the winners circle. Their accumulated list of records and titles goes to show just how serious they are about their products.  Amplifiers: The DC Audio Amplifier lineup range from 1200 watts to a staggering 10,000 watts in mono form and then allow them to be strapped to another matching amp for double the power to a mind numbing 20,000 watts. This is an overbuilt under rated product line to push your subs to their full potential and beyond. And affordable, did we mention that? On-board crossovers, subsonic filters, massive power and ground input terminals allow for maximum performance with out killing your pocketbook. Ranging from $.32 per watt for the DC Audio 1.2k to $.24 per watt for the DC Audio 10K, the DC Audio Amplifier is the first choice for car audio competitors all over the world.
  Subwoofers: The DC Audio subwoofer is the benchmark for all other SPL subwoofers. Designed by long time competitor, Rusty Flowers, the DC Audio subwoofers utilizes only the best parts, advanced cooling techniques and incredibly powerful motor structures make these subwoofers beyond competition grade. All level 3 and above DC Audio subwoofers are hand built at the time they are ordered (2 week build time) right here in the United States by Sidney Woolcot who also just so happens to be a world record holder himself. Sizes are available from 8" to 18" in various voice coil diameters, power handling and impedance all depending on the needs of the customer. Yet every subwoofer they make is designed to get low,stay musical and maximize output while doing so.

Designed and built to deliver the best SPL/SQL that money can buy is one of the main reasons we here at Audio Intensity chose to add them to our line up. We already carry Hybrid Audio, the best SQ speaker line money can buy, and now we have the best SPL line as well. So for any and all of your mobile electronics needs, Audio Intensity has you covered.

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