Fantastic February Promotion Featuring FAST Rings

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Audio Intensity is all about maximizing the quality of the music in our lives, sonic bliss is what we strive for. That is why we partnered with Scott Buwalda and Hybrid Audio Technologies to be able to offer his product line which stands above the rest in both build quality and sonic reproduction. Then we take these beautiful sounding speakers and install them into the harsh environment of the car, most of the time into factory locations behind factory panels creating a tremendous amount of unwanted door panel vibrations and cancellations. All of this causes us to lose the tight, strong, detailed midbass the Hybrid Audio speakers are capable of and replace it with weak output, buzzing panels and unfocused detail. Not a great situation at all. So to help overcome this issues Audio Intensity brought on a product called Fast Rings to help over come the door panels buzzes and minimize cancellations and help bring back that quality you deserve and paid for.


With the introduction of Fast Rings, you now have a product that can dramatically increase the performance of your Hybrid Audio Speakers that is both affordable and easy to install. Fast Rings does a great job of directing the energy from the front of the speaker cone to go directly through the door panel grille and minimize the energy that gets caught behind the panel creating unwanted noise and vibrations. In fact, we believe so strongly in its performance, we are giving away a free set with every speaker set purchase to make sure you are maximizing your performance and creating your own sonic bliss. 

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